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  1. Do you still have the air filter?



  2. Ok, I'll call them and ask about out of state sales. Do you want more pics?

  3. Again thanks! I saw some pics on cycle trader which is where I saw the bike! I then checked out there web site too. Pics on site are hard to see close up of bike! Yeah maybe they don't sell out of state and thats why they never emailed me back! I did not call them becasue of time differences! I work 2nd shift so I am gone in the evenings. Thanks

  4. Ok, I can call them first. Do you need any photos of the bike? If not, I will just find out about any upgrades and see if they will sell to out of state buyer.

  5. Hey,

    Me again. Just when you have the time is fine and I really appreciate it. Also the condition of the bike! Any scratches or road rash? Ever in any accidents? Just an honest opinion of the condition of the bike! Do you know if the FJR in California are set up different due to EPA? Again your help and time is greatly appreciated! Thanks a ton!

  6. Hey

    Bike is at Southbay Motorsports. Not sure if you know the place? They have a Blue 2006 FJR. I know it has aftermarket exhaust which I don't really care about! I Am Curious if the bike has any other extras on it! I sent them an email about the bike but no one has returned any info to me! Maybe you could see what their best out the door price is! Any help is greatly a...

  7. Well, tell me then name of the dealer and I will take a look if you like. I can also leave your name and number with a salesman if you like. Tell me what you'd like to do.

  8. Hey Rick

    Well he did bring up some good points that I did not think of! If you are still interested let me know! Bike is at a dealer! And I think its priced well! I just have to have it shipped to me! Not sure if dealer would do it or not! Let me know your thoughts! Thanks Steve

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