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  1. Howdy, another trooper mod looking for tail cones. LMK if/when avail. Thanks.



  2. Does excellent and timely work. Highly recommended!

  3. Garauld,

    Looking to purchase the small style rack you make for an 06 cobalt blue. Still doing this?

  4. Garauld,

    Have heard you do PHENOMENAL work! Would like to know how much you charge for the smaller tail frame with the backrest. I have an '06 FJR. Thank you. Phillip Ellis(philellis123)

  5. Hi Garauld,

    I am interested in your clamp style refreshment system, how much for shipment to AZ (85375)

    Eileen Kelleher


  6. Hello, Garauld,

    Would it be possible to fit your Gen2 dash shelf to an FJR with a Rifle windscreen using spacers and longer fasteners?

    I'd like to install one of your shelves, but understand that fit and clearance may be a problem with a Rifle.

    I live

    Best regards,

  7. Sorry, I've not made them.

  8. Garauld:

    I was curious if make frame sliders as well as all the other neat things you fabricate. I an actually looking at both Gen 1 and Gen 2. I have bought a couple things in the past from you auxiliary light bars were the last items. I have always been impressed with your originality and quality.

  9. I am looking at buying a Corbin smuggler from a member, supposedly in good shape, but in black. Wondering what you would charge to paint metallic gray (2008 AE color). PS Love the sound your muffler cones make, my FJR now sound like my MINI S! Gene

  10. I'm about to order Wild Bills mounting plate but using the Kuryakyn offset and pegs. Do you just powder coat the mounting plate? Seems that I saw pictures of powder coated K pegs somewhere. Do I just tell Terry to mail the mounting plates to you?


  11. Garauld,

    I should have specified that the payment was via Pay Pal, and I have done the Trooper Mod, hence the $70 payment. Thanks again!!

  12. Garauld,

    I sent you $70.00. My address is:

    Robert Price

    8407 N Sapphire Dr

    Saint George, UT 84770



  13. Garauld,

    Are the tail cones available? I'd like the Black Satin (as already communicated). Let me know. I can send you a check or Pay Pal.

  14. How are the tail cones going?

  15. One more thing. You don't happen to make anything like the knifemakers floor boards for the passenger do you. Again thank you

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