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  1. steve We had a bit of a heat wave here but we are so close to the rocky mountains that it keeps the temps moderate. A guy I know went to florida a month ago. He said it was really hot. If you want you can contact mr.fjr@hotmail.com for quicker responses. Take care

  2. Doing good here in FL.Dealing with heat and humidity instead of good old GB rain!Don't have to use bike 100%,it is a treat to myself and I have no regrets.How's conditions up there?

  3. please feel free to add as friend It would be great to hear from you being a fellow englishman. I just rode the fjr yesterday I know I will not be selling it anytime soon.

  4. Hi Terry. Another Englishman here made the right choice. Got mine after a 30+ year break and yes I wanted the comfort of sitting upright on a big machine. Steve

  5. well from one englishman to another smart choice of bike! One reason why I bought the bike was the comfort level turned 50 in december please feel free to contact

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