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  1. You're welcome!  I replaced all 9 with stock bulbs in my 2005 because after 100K, one was having a connection issue, and the others were getting dim.

    I'm hoping my 2016 can get the stock instrument cluster LEDs replaced with red through bluegauges.com...

    1. JimLor


      Funny thing, I noticed that 4 of my windscreen plastic screw heads had broken off - no idea how or when.  So i replaced them with aluminum screws. Now the windscreen doesn't retract when i turn the key off - BUT, the hi beam indicator works - as long as the engine is running.  Weird things happen. Another one, left work one day and turned the key - nothing at all happened, nothing.  Flat bed the bike home and left the next day for a week long vacation.  Came back, turned the key and it started fine.  Never any problems since then (2009).

  2. This won't help you, but I have an '05 and have the original bulbs still going strong.  Tried some Sylvania Bright something or other but they died within 3 months!  Doesn't seem "normal" to me that bulbs burn out so quickly.

    1. Papa54


      It's the shaking that causes them to go bad. I bought a set of heavy duty H4 headlight bulbs, off of Amazon. That fixed it.  They were about $30.00

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