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  1. RIP Brian. I remember well the car tire vs motorcycle tire fiasco at the gathering in Eureka.



    RIP Brian. I remember well the car tire vs motorcycle tire fiasco at the gathering in Eureka.
    Yes I was there and rode with Brian...RIP, condolences to his Family and Friends
  2. In the November issue of American Motorcyclist there is a very nice member letter about Cole Boecler. It is under Member Letters - Road Angels by Suzanne Shafer.


    This was Cole to a tee, "Every word in that paper [Northern Rockies Rider] seemed golden to me, and I emailed Cole to say so. To my delight, he responded."


    RIP my friend.

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  3. Quite a few years ago I pulled off I90 at Exit 274 in Montana to grab a bite to eat at the Wheat Montana Farms. Another FJR rider came in and ask if it was okay to sit down with me. And that's how it started, a chance meeting in a cafe that is just at a exit [no town] kinda out in the middle of now where Montana.


    Years later in Seattle we were laughing about his book. I don't need no stinking book because I was born and raised in Montana and know the state like the back of my hand. Pretty soon we where looking for roads that I didn't know about in his book. And you folks probably guess the rest of the story, I had to buy the damn book because there were some roads that I had not been on and didn't even know about.


    He was a damn good man and will be missed by a huge group of folks.


    Prayers for his family and friends.


    Dave Black


    PS: For Dave Black - Ride hard, ride free, ride well, ride safe. Cole Boehier

  4. These pictures are from the gathering in Moscow, ID WFO 8


    Hal, John, Me, Don and Greg.




    Geezer, Spud, Terry, Niehart, Panman, Don,TellurideFJR, I think Terry's Mike took this picture.


    DVD (Death Valley Days)




    I think this was a case of the blind leading the blind.smile.png Highlander or backroad bob, johnny80s, bbolesaz, Fairlaner and Papa Chuy Viejo




    David "Orestes" Clarke from Kent, England




    bbolesaz, Don and Curly Joe (Rich Holtmeier)




    GalaxyBlue & Don




    When you were riding with Don this was the name of all of the roads.coolsmiley02.gif

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