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  1. Travis,

    Can we start a heading for ICONS and Avatars that fit the rules on size and are stored with the web page? I have done a bunch and who knows what may happen to them if I disappear? It would be nice if they were FJRForum's rather than ours individually. What do you think? Do we need someone (artist)to edit them all to fit a specific size etc.


  2. JameK,

    Posting the new 150K 07CLUB at this time. Here is the Location for the icon.


    Congrats on the 150K, I'm a little sad that my 05 didn't make it, but the guys here think that maybe I just jumped a gear or so with the Cam Chain. I will investigate that more and maybe I can bring it back from the dead.

  3. If the sliders are still available, I will take them.

  4. The mirrors look great and are surely worth what you are asking, but would you consider 40 shipped. If not, I will think harder.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  5. I am all sore because I layed my 05 down on Monday, only need the right can but will go $150 for the pair plus shipping. Let me know

    Sorry about your fall too.


  6. That's fine. I'm taking my FJR in for service and picking up my wife's Virago before going to Bob's. See you there.


  7. Sure thing Ken, What time at Bob's

  8. Victor,

    I am going to ride to Bob's tomorrow for the Sweatheart Ride then I'm going to Busters for BBQ with other FJR owners. Y don't you come too?


  9. cool looking Norton.

    You can clean up that mess in your first post by going in there and editing it out. Would look better.

    By the way, I'm going to SWFOG in Taos (again) this year. Any suggestions on routes going from north to south? Last year I did 139, 65, 92, 149, 160, 84 and returned on 84, 160, 550, 62, 145, 90. I was planning on doing 141 this year. Any suggestio...

  10. Have fun at WFO but don't forget about the events we have closer to home and with the local guys you might see much more: Ie: Volcano Ride on June 24th.

  11. Jon,

    I would like the Rotor bolts.



  12. I will take those levers if they haven't been spoken for yet. TIA


  13. Hi,

    Can you ask the modulators to pull the "Pinned" status of the Tech 2010 event.

    Just asking.



  14. welcome home, can't wait to hear the details. If you did the blog, I missed it.

    Ken Hattan

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