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  1. Hi i was wondering if you have tried your trailer out and how dose the tire on it hold up to freeway speed for long runs im asking because the trailer i just uses a 4.00-4 wheel like you do and the only tire i can find to replace it is for a Wheel barrel

  2. I did get you the o-rings they are 1.23 Ea.

  3. I'll just get the O-Rings for you as I'll be getting three valve cover gaskets and doubt that a 08 will be bad, I didn't chage mine the first time, I would change the plugs and I'm also hoping to get more pair plates made by then. Like I said hoping!

  4. I would be interested in the trailer hitch if it hasn't been taken.

  5. I will take your Tank Bag let me know how you want to be paid.

  6. Happy Birthday! It's my Birthday too!

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