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  1. Bumlinger

    Anyone use tank bags?

    This is a RKA Mini Expandable - in expanded mode. They also make an Allegro version, same bag only non-expandable. Great bag IMHO.
  2. Bumlinger

    Carbon Fiber Luggage Rack

    I made a simple luggage rack that attaches to the Givi SR357 frame. I think a lot of hard top boxes overwhelm the appearance of the FJR. I just wanted to be able to attach a smaller semi-soft top box of some sort. I got a 4mm thick, 300mm x 400mm carbon fiber plate, trimmed it to shape for...
  3. Bumlinger

    Fork bolts

    I'm glad to see that no one else understands it either! :) I did the bounce thing after torquing the axle nut and left side pinch bolts, and then torqued the RH pinch bolts after the bounce. My axle end surface ended up just shy of the fork surface <1mm. Perhaps the FSM is taking into account...
  4. Bumlinger

    Fork bolts

    Can someone please explain in layman's terms what they are getting at in step "C" of the FSM procedure? I'm confused by the last sentence.
  5. Bumlinger

    New FJR rider as of today

    Yes, same location.
  6. Bumlinger

    New FJR rider as of today

    I have a 2010 just like yours. I made the jumper as suggested by 2 wheel obsession and used it to trigger the ABS pump. Same procedure as in the video. Worked great.
  7. Bumlinger

    Parts For Sale 2010 FJR1300A front wheel (damaged/repairable)

    I have a front wheel off of my 2010 FJR1300A. It was on my bike when I bought it last fall. I had new tires put on this spring and the installer pointed out a small "taco" or bent flange probably due to a pot hole encounter. The bead also has a little flat spot corresponding to the flared...
  8. Bumlinger

    buying high mileage FJR

    Just checked with my local dealer and he looked up the bike on his computer. It listed a minor repair to the windscreen mechanism and no other repairs under warranty or any recalls that were left to do. Looks like a 2010 had those bulletins and recalls done at the factory! Thanks for the...
  9. Bumlinger

    buying high mileage FJR

    I got in there to check the VIN number, there are no other marks on that surface other than the serial number. Probably not done.
  10. Bumlinger

    FJR Forum Decal design

    No top box. A more interesting color would help, it looks like a B&W photo.
  11. Bumlinger

    buying high mileage FJR

    Thanks for your reply! Very helpful.
  12. Bumlinger

    buying high mileage FJR

    I recently bought a 2010 with 25k miles. I changed oil & filter, new tires, topped up the coolant and rode it from Minneapolis to Virginia and back in 10 days. Went to the BMW rally in Doswell. 3009 miles total. I need to do a valve check next. Other than fairly severe front brake judder, it ran...
  13. Bumlinger

    Garmin Zumo discount

    I mistakenly ordered an XT2 mount and cord and found out that they look very similar, they do not fit the XT. The power cord has no black box. Voltage regulator must be in the head with the pins, it's a little larger than the XT's. Pay attention and make sure you order the correct parts for...
  14. Bumlinger

    Fork rebuild

    Someone told me that a 35mm film negative works very well. Those little holes on the sides carry the dirt out.
  15. Bumlinger

    Heading to the Black Hills of SD. Recommendations/Advice welcome

    All good advice. But the one road I did not see mentioned is the best motorcycle road in the Hills is Vanocker Canyon Road. It runs between Sturgis and Nemo. Spearfish Canyon is okay, low speed limit and lots of police officers there to enforce it. Vanocker has less traffic, even during the...
  16. Bumlinger

    Heated gear and gloves website

    Those Gerbings are tethered to the sleeves of my Warm N Safe jacket liner. Last week, I was riding in and around Death Valley NP. Unusually cold, upper 20’s in the morning. Didn’t see the 40’s until the afternoon. My WnS liner under my Klim Latitude jacket kept me nice and warm. Good stuff.
  17. Bumlinger

    Heated gear and gloves website

    I sent them an email today, and they have responded already! They will fix them for me, or at least see if it’s repairable.
  18. Bumlinger

    Heated gear and gloves website

    Yeah, I read that review as well. Seems like it is a new site, they are probably drop-shippers, if they are legit. My LH Gerbing Vanguard has given up the heat function. Wonder if it can be repaired?
  19. Bumlinger

    Heated gear and gloves website

    Has anybody purchased anything from Motoheatedclothing dot com? I came across their website searching for heated gloves. Their prices are about 50% or more off of legit online moto gear suppliers. The old too good to be true axiom has me trying to figure out if they are legit or not. If you've...
  20. Bumlinger

    New from North Carolina

    Welcome from Minnesota. I just bought my first FJR at 69 years of age (I'll be 70 on Friday). Keep riding!