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  1. Eric L

    Russell Day Long front seat SOLD

    Yeah sorry, Sold. Lost my d*mn password here for a bit....
  2. Eric L

    Russell Day Long front seat SOLD

    so i bought this here, went back and forth between this and my Laam. Think I'll stick with the Laam as I am on tiptoes with the Russell (29" inseam). built for 225 pounds. $300 plus shipping via paypal. You can calculate shipping yourself from 20841 The box is 19x22x11 and weighs 8lbs 6oz.
  3. Eric L

    Russell Day Long seat for 2nd gen

    thanks. Just good timing. Now I will have to sell my Laam seat assuming I can touch the ground on the Russell. The Laam is more of a compromise between comfort and mobility. But I am old now :-)
  4. Eric L

    Russell Day Long seat for 2nd gen

    I'll take it. Box it up, and let me know shipping to 20841
  5. Eric L

    Classic Roadcrafter, 48R $300

    Ya sold. I hope he gets more use out of than I did
  6. Eric L

    Classic Roadcrafter, 48R $300

    apologies all, should have checked back earlier but I'd been traveling. can I get a collective "you are just a jerk Eric". In any case, I think it's been sold. Promise to let you know by tomorrow. OK, darn inbox is now darn empty. Darn.
  7. Eric L

    Classic Roadcrafter, 48R $300

    if anyone is interested. I am too fat and that's that Gray, upgraded spine protector - should fit 5'8-5'10", 200-225 pounds really nice shape, just hanging on the hanger way too long to keep looking at it. If you are interested, I'll send pics, etc. Price is dirt cheap. You pay shipping as...
  8. Eric L

    Wanted: Trim inserts at bag mounting points for 2014 (candy red)

    oops. try emailing to eric dot lader at gmail dot com :-)
  9. Eric L

    Wanted: Trim inserts at bag mounting points for 2014 (candy red)

    i have a red set you can have. PM me a mailing address
  10. Eric L

    Easy USB install

    I have that usb adapter. Mine died after a while, but it was so cheap I bought another
  11. Eric L

    shoei neotec wine red XXL -

    A well loved two and a half year old XXL neotec. Comes with stuff, including an extra shield or two and a pin lock or two. I had dropped this a week after i bought it, so it's got a nick or two. Clearly needs to have it's liner freshened. I am pulling the Sena out of it, so there will be spaces...
  12. Eric L

    SOLD Shoei Neotec, Seriously close to new, Large, $430 delivered

    i think the L and XL neotec are the same size shell. With both sets of pads, its essentially BOTH sizes GLWS
  13. Eric L

    New 2017 FJR Announced, Raven it is!

    that chrome is only going to slow it down
  14. Eric L

    Held Arctic Gore-Tex Gloves (vendor sale)

    just make sure they are in stock. Been waiting for my Held Steve gloves from them for a while now.
  15. Eric L

    Heavy ...

    i instinctively tried to stop the bike from falling and tore a tendon in my elbow.. months of recovery and therapy. Should have let her fall
  16. Eric L

    gps help

    if its registered to you, Garmin can help
  17. Eric L

    Give V46 2014 matching candy red lid

    perfect match, like now. sitting in my garage since the 2014 was squashed. online price is $67 get it out of my garage. offer me money, offer me power, offer me everything I ask for... or 25$ plus shipping.