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    What happened to the Regional Rally sub-forums?

    But they're still there. Right? New owners. New ideas. We just recently ran across where the rules for the For Sale area were MIA and had to be recovered/re-created.
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    Do you need private medicare insurance if you are on Medicare?

    I have my retiree health insurance AND am just now of Medicare. No way would I drop everything else to depend on that as my sole means of health care. Some places won't accept medicare because of the hoops they have to jump through and the time taken to reimburse (and at what %)? Not unlike all...
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    Final Drive Oil Change, Do This

    Excellent news. I tend to be a little more cautious. Others will land where they may.
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    Final Drive Oil Change, Do This

    I R&R the u-joint any time I service the front splines. It's too easy to skip. I also put a light coat of Mobile 1 synth marine lube on the buffed u-joint, etc. I use high moly paste on drive and driven splines from u-joint back to rear wheel splines. I also do it annually since it's easier and...
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    What year Goldwing foot peg will fit 2023 FJR (with slight modification)? For rider foot peg, not passenger.

    I can agree with that. Most aren't "thinner" than the FJR's (which I take as thickness between boot contact surface and underside of peg. Wider would certainly be the case, but wider on the FJR could also lead to loss of cornering clearance in some cases; not a concern for most of the GWRRA...
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    See you 'round the ranch!

    No need to leave if you don't want to. The camaraderie will remain.
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    Won't start in gear

    Exactly. Why think of these things as disposable? I wouldn't go to this length every year because the flush works so well. I could see doing it maybe every 3rd or 4th year. I found that doing it once or twice a year was no great inconvenience and saved me the cost of replacing switches at any...
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    Won't start in gear

    Annual PM is to lube the lever pivot pins (both of them). I use the same Mobile 1 lube I use for other things for the pins. Then also FLOOD the control pods on the handlebars with a contact cleaner, followed by Aerosol Spray Silicon lube (flooding the pods again to flush out crud). DO NOT use...
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    What year Goldwing foot peg will fit 2023 FJR (with slight modification)? For rider foot peg, not passenger.

    I wouldn't bother. You'd probably end up with similar cornering limitations. How about a fat-peg like aftermarket Wing pegs put up as highway pegs? I have like these styles in the past...
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    Gel in seats

    I tried gel and found that it's a heat sink in the summer. Gave a whole new meaning to "hot cross buns".
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    Any local FJR-geniuses (DFW area) that might help with these damn headlights?!

    Depending on if it was a DIY project, it could be anywhere. It also might be a commercial fuse block from the aftermarket or a complete DIY project like this.
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    1" Rider Blocks for Sale (moved)

    The following was moved to its own thread because it was trying to hijack another sale thread. Gleaming Alloy Air Car, Let me know if you have interest in the 1" riser blocks. I have this set-up along with the HeliBar, tapped with TimeSerts so no nuts protrude that could interfere with the fuel...
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    Wrist pain after 3 hours

    Yep. Going from a "flying c" riding position to one of a more forward lean is exactly the symptoms you describe. Work on the sitting technique to get the weight off your hands and arms. That's #1.
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    Groundhog Day

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    Wrist pain after 3 hours

    I found that moving from a Gold Wing to the FJR had some similar results. The trick is to NOT lean on your wrists but to support your torso with your core and leave your hand/arms/elbows loosey-goosey.
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    I'm looking for a diagram showing the "rider triangle" or "motorcycle triangle" for the FJR.

    FJRForum: There for you with the tech answers you need and want!
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    Would you pay the Dealer or Replace ABS brake lines Yourself?

    I would agree with everyone else. It would depend on your skills and patience. I might tackle it if I wasn't busy doing something else or wanted to save some money (seldom do I save time with DIY because of the "while I'm in here" syndrome). But only with a known/trusted dealer or independent shop.
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    Smokers (BBQ - not grilling)

    That's some commercial scale stuff going on right there. I tells ya!
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    Snow is bullshit

    I get ya. It's a reason why I've stayed out of CA since 2004.