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    gen 2 stock front seat

    for sale Gen 2 stock front seat. bought this when RDL seat was being made. good shape $100 plus shipping from Sand Springs OK
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    Who Is Up for a Ride in the Ozarks?

    have fun Festar i would join you but i am not retired yet be safe
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    Who Is Up for a Ride in the Ozarks?

    where are you planning on staying ? hotel or camp out?
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    Front Brake pad R&R help

    the manual says to replace the the shims and springs ? is this necesary or lawyer /marketing talk? also the worn pads have a taper. IE the wear button on one end of the pad was touching the disk while the other was not. Is this normal? thanks
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    BMW S1000RR

    unless you have it in the slick mode the traction control slams the front end down when it senses a wheelie
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    BMW S1000RR

    did a test ride on one last month. BMW of Bentonville AR had a demo bike. fantasic bike, my 50+ body didn't care for the ergo's.
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    SFO '10 Pics, Videos, Stories

    Glad to hear you are OK. Did have your wife with you ?
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    Sighting in Owasso, ok

    beware of the decreasing radius turn on 20 if you are heading north toward Spavina
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    Home safe

    Drove through the entire state on TN in the rain. It cleared up when we got to AR.
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    Is it too late to register?

    "And the Hooterville 400 boys will be there to supervise." oh shit! no one warned me that THEY would be at EOM !
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    EOM attending list

    Add one OKIE ! arriving Thursday leaving Sunday
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    Letter to obama

    fixed ADMIN EDIT: NO!!! DO NOT DELETE ORIGINAL POSTS!! Here is the original post of this thread:
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    FJR sighting August 2nd Hwy 90 SWMO

    looked like an 05 or 06 about 10:30 I was heading east other bike heading west. anyone from the FJR Forum ?
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    Sorting through job applications/resumes

    We had somone apply for a mechanics job that put an "Exotic Dancer" for a reference. We were just pissed because he didn't indicate if it was her real name or stage name, and to top it off he didn't leave her number!
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    Push Mountain Pics

    "You musta been with Petey and his nomosno group!" yes I was !
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    Push Mountain Pics

    can't get the stupid link to work. anyway, checked it out last Saturday great road. Eat at Cody's in Fiftysix. Great food
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    Hey all you okies going to SFO

    I am not planning on spending the night but may be in that area and ride with you.
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    Fork seals...

    Also look a the bushings. mine were shot at 30K
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    Steering Head Bearing Tool

    i ordered mine from Wild Hare on January 16 still waiting. Oh yea, they told me 4 weeks also :angry: