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  1. ReardenSteel

    New '19 FJR Owner

    Thanks, guys -- After getting the initial service done, I took it out for a 204 mile ride through the Shenandoah Valley yesterday.   I have the new OEM touring windscreen on -- that helps a ton, but something has to be done about this seat!     Still falling in love with the bike and its...
  2. ReardenSteel

    New '19 FJR Owner

    Thanks guys -- great to meet you -- I appreciate the warm welcome.   I got the touring windscreen in today -- came home and got to installing it.   Of course, it's pouring outside tonight, so I'll have to wait for morning to try it out...      It's not really your bike until you put that first...
  3. ReardenSteel

    New '19 FJR Owner

    Hey guys -- I'm just thrilled to be a new 2019 FJR1300ES owner.   A little about me...   I crawled off two Harleys that I have been riding for the last 10 years.  Riding became stale, boring, predictable.   I lost some weight and found that I wasn't as confident muscling around a 900+ pound...