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  1. snowmonkey

    SOLD: FJR Service Manual

    Dropped the price to $45 or trade
  2. snowmonkey

    SOLD: FJR Service Manual

    I sold my 2004 FJR and now have a few items for sale. First item for sale, Gen1 Factory Service Manual in very good condition, $45 shipped to lower 48 states. (or trade for Tenere manual)
  3. snowmonkey

    Gen I exhaust

    Thank you, I may take your offer. Got two in the local area to check on first.
  4. snowmonkey

    Gen I exhaust

    Looking for straight stock exhaust header pipe for a 2004.
  5. snowmonkey

    Pay It Forward

    Still available?
  6. snowmonkey

    In Thrust We Trust

    Testing the waters..,I'm back on the forum and thinking about printing a few FJR tee shirts.
  7. snowmonkey

    2 Corbin smuggler/ seat combos, factory top case

    Is the top case a 2003 and does it have the liner bag?
  8. snowmonkey

    Volcano Ride 2009

    So if the 19th turns out to be a lousy day, will the 26th become the raindate?
  9. snowmonkey

    Vashon VME

    As always the Isle Vashon TT was a good time, thanks for sharing the excellent photos.
  10. snowmonkey

    Volcano Ride 2009

    Bubbles is my hero. Trailer Park Boys is the funniest show to drop out of Canada since the McKenize brother's Great White North.
  11. snowmonkey

    Volcano Ride 2009

    A volcano run on the 19th would be an excellent start for the New Year..., Shana Tova
  12. snowmonkey

    Volcano Ride 2009

    You can count me in too. Let's do it in September, the sooner the better.
  13. snowmonkey

    Backfire Bike Night (Ballard)

    You must be talking about this little gem.
  14. snowmonkey

    Face Time?

    I wouldn't plan on the Volcano Run this year. The road to Windy Ridge is still closed and it doesn't look like it will be open anytime soon. I'm hoping that Ken will come up with another "Call" and organize an alternative ride this June. As far as attending a local Seattle meet up, I would...
  15. snowmonkey

    throttle tube

    Looking to buy an aluminum throttle tube to replace the stock plastic one.
  16. snowmonkey

    %#&*&@ Rain

    We rode out to the Spring Dip in Machias WA yesterday. 50 degrees plus and sunny..., ah finally springtime in the Pacific Northwest.
  17. snowmonkey

    PNW SPring Tech Meet

    You can put me down for those mirrors if Stephen doesn't pick them up. I wasn't planning on attending the Spring Tech Meet but I will be there if the FZ1 mirrors are available.