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    A pucker moment

    years back, i was stopped at a 4 way stop in my F250. a guy on a 10 speed came flying through the stop sign. he had been riding on a residential sidewalk with his head down. he jammed his front tire into my front left wheel well. the bike stuck there. he went accross my windsheild like a...
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    Deals Gap Resort for Sale!

    The idea of forming an investors syndicate and picking up a bike friendly resort intrigues me. If there is enough serious interest, I suggest the members pitch some other ideas. This was just one. So what else is available out there? Derek
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    Think I've lost my pillion

    i'm thinking there may be an rv in your future. of course you'll need a bike platform on the back and suitable communications system for when eav is driving the rig. it's sort of a comprimise but it's a good one. pack the fly rods, golf clubs, zodiac, hang gliders... no, wait. not hang gliders...
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    I can not tell a lie...or can I?

    Your first bike should be one that won't matter too much when you drop it. The same cannot be said of first wives. Most of us did drop our first bikes. Practicing the necessary skills to become a safe rider will be alot easier on a lighter, less top heavy bike. Then when you graduate to the...
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    Riding Has Changed.....

    18 years ago at the age of 30 i was guiding for the summer at great bear lake. one day i woke up and would no longer stand on the seats or bow cap of my boat. i would move along the rocky shores much more carefully. i was aware of it but never gave it much thought. turns out i was having the...