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    What inventions have you thought of but never followed through?

    a few years ago i asked a teanage employee to build me a time machine. i told her where the tools are kept and instructed her to have it completed by 5pm. she said "what do you mean?" i said, just build me a machine so i can go back to yesterday. i left. she said to the other girls. "why do i...
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    which cell phone do you like?

    on a calgary trip this week, my 4 yr old phone crapped out. i don't need a alot of bells & whistles. i want a rugged phone with good battery time and big numbers for these tired old eyes. any suggestions? thanks, derek
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    HOT DOGS !! Where's your favorite joint?

    of course my favorite is the new all beef dogs in my D.Q. when they are for me, i deep fry em. so add a country to your ride and i'll buy you a dog and show you some of the sweetest twisties on the planet. derek trail, b.c.
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    Do you lose your vacation when changing job

    on another note, it's quite acceptable to negotiate your vacation entitlement when you're talking salary with the prospective employer. dh
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    Things that make me go hmmm....

    you know the world is changing when the best rapper is white, the best golfer is black, germany won't fight anybody and the french think that we are rude. dh
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    Is there a neurologist in the house?

    this is a long shot but the last 3 summers i've been having killer headaches like clockwork at about 4:30 in the afternoon everyday. it turns out that they are heat induced migranes. not all that uncommon. derek
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    well it's 5:30am and i need to vent a little. too early to call anyone so i'll vent here. i went to kelowna for a prolo therapy treatment. still looking for a fix for my back since being rear ended on the fjr 17 months ago. after the treatment yesterday i traded my 10 year old pontiac for a new...
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    What's the stupidest thing you've seen a cager doing?

    the five stupidest things i've seen, i didn't so much see as do. not bragging. just stating the facts. in my younger years of course. i don't mind if god and my mom knows about them, but i wont tell this crowd. :rolleyes: derek
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    Tire pressure,.. cold vs hot

    my pressure rises about 5psi consistently in both tires. derek
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    favorite lyrics

    Harry Chapin A Better Place to Be Lyrics A Better Place To Be Lyrics It was an early morning bar room, And the place just opened up. And the little man come in so fast and Started at his cup. And the broad who served the whisky She was a big old friendly girl. And she tried to fight her...
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    My Avon Storms were terrible!

    swmoto tires finaly replied to my avon storm complaint. i'm shipping the front back to them. the second front storm i put on is as good as any of the azaros i've had. i don't want to have to go through this nonsense again. as much as i like the avons, and assuming that they take care of me...
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    My Avon Storms were terrible!

    chalk up one more with with the storm shimmy. same deal, 40 -50 mph. tried different pressures. tried riding the shimmy off of them for about 1k. no joy. i was so happy with many sets of azzaros. this sort of feels like my dog ran away. i'll go see my dealer today have him try turning the...
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    well it seems laser eye surgery is contraindicated in ms patients. i'm not symptomatic and i don't understand the reasoning, so i've requested an opinion from a the neurologists at the ms clinic at ubc. unfortunately, my neurologist passed away so i might not get a reply. i did learn one other...
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    well, i just spent a half hour visiting on the phone with the recepionist at a lasik centre in kelowna. she laughed when i told her that i'm far sighted and have an astigmatism. sure enough the technology has come a long way. she said that the majority of their patients have astigmatism. one...
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    i was concidering it a number of years back. when i spoke to an opthamologist i was told that i wouldn't be a good candidate for it as i'm far sighted. apparently it's the near sighted folks who get the most benefit. i keep boosting my prescription and hoping the technology will advance far...
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    All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth

    scot, i've gotta go along with fjrchic on this one. dont really want to look at it. but, from the sounds of it, you better get used to people running away from you. ;) thanks for being out there. derek
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    Recommendation sought: tires for wet roads

    'Replacement' is the word being used. And, you'd trust this lot of misfits? I have some tropical ocean front property in North Dakota for you... no worries. the misfits don't run avons. derek
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    Recommendation sought: tires for wet roads

    is the storm replacing the azaro or just being added to the lineup? i do love the azaro, especially on wet roads. i'll give the storms a try if they review well by the avon guys on this forum. derek
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    Waving Etiquette

    The Brotherhood of the Road by Shalom Auslander I love motorcycles, and I love riding. Like many of you, what first drew me to bikes was not just the experience of riding, but the feeling that I'd become part of a special community? a brotherhood, really. Nothing calms me more than a long ride...