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    Which Helmet MFG for good venting and less buffeting

    I just bought the Schuberth C3 bluetooth combo on wednesday. My only complaint so far is the visor sometimes slams shut at highway speeds. Very quiet lid. Derek
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    The shop trashed my front SMARTIRE sensor.

    Thanks LDRydr, I took delivery yesterday. The shop that trashed the sensor is going to reemburse me.
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    The shop trashed my front SMARTIRE sensor.

    Having that thing bouncing around in my front tire ruined that fresh rubber feeling while scrubbing in my PR3's. Vulcan tire says I can use the Smartire passenger car sensor (which they have in stock) if my rims are suitable. The shop says they are not. Has anyone tryed? I'm also looking at...
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    90 degree valve stems

    be good to yourself. 90% stems are nice but you should concider an on board tire pressure monitoring system as well. i've been using smartyre for years and i love it. i'm not sure it's available anymore but there are others discussed on this board. i want to know everytime i get on the bike that...
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    Shark RSR2 helmet hurting

    i had an rs1 that fit well so when i ordered the rs2 i was surprised to find it a larger fit. it also won't fit in my side bag like the rs1 did. i stuffed it with padding. i always tweak the fit a bit to suit me anyway. dh
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    Top box?

    i have the yamaha top box for my 04. very seldom use it. for 4-5 day trips, i've just cinched a bag down behind me with rokstraps. i find the yammy trunk a bit of a sail. derek
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    Garmin Zumo 550

    thanks guys. that's what i was looking for knifemaker. i'll go with a dedicated radio for the truck and the 450 or something similar to find my way home. dh
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    Garmin Zumo 550

    i don't have sat radio in the truck yet. i'm going to get it. i'm also going to get a gps that will move from bike to truck. i just wanted to know if anyone using the 550 for xm radio was happy with it. i'm trying to determine if i should combine the gps and radio or go seperate units. So, if...
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    Garmin Zumo 550

    I'm thinking about the Zumo 550. Will I be happy with the XM sat radio in the truck or should I just get a dedicated radio and the 450? I don't listen to tunes or take calls when I ride. Thanks, Derek
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    junk box latch broke - anybody else had this happen?

    my dealer broke mine so he could take the fairing off. i asked, did you know it has to be key on and in neutral to open? he does now.
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    Super-Visor sun visor

    i use eletrical tape but i put it on the bottom of the sheild. then with the shield open it works perfectly and doesn't obscure any vision open or closed. derek
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    Smart Tire?

    i don't remember what i paid but it was $ well spent. just google their website and you can order it online if your dealer doesn't carry it. when i brought mine in to be installed my dealer told me that he carried it, so it's worth asking. derek
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    Tire pressure monitor systems - for bikes

    i've been using smartire for a about 50,000 trouble free kms and countless tire changes. have no experience with the others. i wouldn't be without it. derek
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    Tires, angled valve stems, and smartire sensor install

    my mechanic told me that the smartire install was a snap. tell yours not to bother with programming it though. you can do that yourself. you might also want to have the front valve stem facing right. it's just a bit easier to air up when on the side stand. derek
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    Garmin 2730 XM

    my smartire has fogged up several times, usually in the spring and fall when there is lots of moisture in the mornings. funny it seems to handle plenty of water from the hose without a problem. it clears up when i get up to highway speed. just bought 50,000 more shares of smtr last wednesday...
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    they don't have to get as warm as you might expect. my shoulder season gloves are pretty heavy watkins leather gauntlets. the heated grips just warms the blood going into your fingers as you lightly rest your hands on the bars. derek
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    Need to know interest level for new Garmin Zumo 550

    james, the one thing missing that i'm willing to wait for is the ability to download tunes from satelite radio onto the mp3 player. do you know of any gps that offers that capability yet? derek
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    FJR Tank Bra

    how much does it help insulate you from the tank heat? dh
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    ROK Straps

    i bought 4 of the longer adjustable length. i've only ever used 2 though. derek
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    with the 2730, can you download music? derek i did not phrase that well. can you download a song that's playing on xm? ya, that's what i mean. derek