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    Bike shut off

    when my 04 did the same thing it was the ignition switch. if i had to do it again, i would do the temp fix untill the new switch came in. i was down 2 or 3 weeks. derek
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    Smartire problem

    smarttires customer service number is 1-888-982-3001. the sensor/transmitter part # is 062.1005 if you're luck, you're due for a tire change soon anyway. let us know how it turns out. derek
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    oil leaking out breather hose

    i had a leaking seal that made it appear to be leaking from the vent hose. derek
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    Flashing ABS light

    when my abs sensor went, it started with intermittent flashing. then progressed to always on and regular (non abs) breaks. after the sensor was replaced everything was back as it should be. i don't remember the cost, but it wasn't alot. derek
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    Universal Vista Cruise Installation

    renegade, what's this throttlemeister conversion you speak of? is there a way to make it functional? derek
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    Front Tire Pressure?

    i'm running 39 39 monitored with smartire. it seems to be a good comprimise between tire wear and traction. i ride exclusively in the mountain twisties so i dont dare go any harder. if i find myself on slab i might tweek em up a bit. derek
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    brake life

    i've got 59,000 km on the stock binders, sorry 36,660 miles. i'm surprised, because i think i'm pretty hard on them here in my mountain twisties. i'll be sure to ask about them at my next service. derek
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    Oil check in sight glass

    i miss my lameasswinkyfacethingamabob?
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    Oil check in sight glass

    i miss my dip stick!!!
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    lost my abs

    i may not have noticed it right away under normal breaking but the abs dash light was on so i pulled a panic stop from to test it. you know the abs feed back? it wasn't there. i'll get it in to my dealer asap. i'm just wondering if the insurance is going to say that it is not related to the...
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    lost my abs

    well i've lost my abs. i've been expecting shit to happen since they didn't total it after i was rear ended at 50 or 60 kph. does it make sense for it to fail after hundreds of km post wreck or is this just karma not quite even with me yet? derek
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    Ignition switch

    i've had the same proplem from day one. at my first service my mechanic noticed that the area around the key hole was scratched. on closer inspection i found that there was clear plastic over the key hole and surrounding area. since the key was in the ignition when i picked it up i know that...
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    What's that brown goo?

    when my 04 was young it did the same thing. it was a seal. no big. warranty fix. i would make sure it's exiting the hose and not just dripping on or near it, then look closely for the highest point you can see the oil. derek
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    New FJR owner / Dumb question

    i'd take it back to the dealer. it would bug me too, and you should not have anything bugging you on your new ride. you'll feel better when it's straight. derek
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    Tire advice

    when you concider the small cost of the front avon and the miles you've put on it, why not have that all new rubber feeling? i change my avons togather always. mind you, it's a nuisance for me to arrange transportation to and from my dealer so i don't want to double the trouble. derek
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    moko sliders torque?

    thanks mike derek
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    moko sliders torque?

    does anyone happen to know the recommended torque for the no drill moko sliders? thanks, derek
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    Unofficially Diagnosed

    how may miles do you have on your bike now toecutter? i was under the impression that the tickers reveal themselves early on. i hope i don't have to start being paranoid all over again at 50000km. derek
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    Wimpy Kickstand?

    the second time i rode my fjr i stepped off after kicking the stand. once the bike has fallen to the midway point there is no stopping it. turns out that the stand sometimes comes back up with my boot. i've compared it to several other fjrs and mine is very sloppy. my mechanic never lubes it...
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    "over the top" refers to what you may know as "from outside in". if you have your hands too far in front of you at the top and you bring them back in close to you through your down swing, that's over the top. so was alot of this thread. derek