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  1. Whooshka

    Speedo Healer or Something Similar

    Odd, my FJR speedo is almost spot on, off by 1 MPH at 65. Stock size tires. Good enough for me.
  2. Whooshka

    Hi there, I need help and am new

    I guess it's not as urgent as originally thought. ;)
  3. Whooshka

    ABS brake issues

    Or the used set of brake lines someone offered up?
  4. Whooshka

    Problem changing from 2nd to 1st while rolling to stop

    Start with the easy stuff. At the lever there is a brass bushing. Remove it, check to see if it has worn, if so replace it. Then clean it, grease it and reinstall. When was the last time the clutch fluid was changed out? It's worth doing a bleed with fresh fluid. Also cleaning and...
  5. Whooshka

    Sold Stock Gen 3 Shock

    That's my old shock Skooter. Worked just fine with no problems at all. Only reason I sold it was to upgrade to a Nitron. Hope it serves you well. (y)
  6. Whooshka

    T stem valve problem_Hawkshead

    Sounds like the shop messed up the install. Now the quandary... take it back to the shop that can't install it properly or take it elsewhere and have to pay again to get it done right.
  7. Whooshka

    Steering Head Roller Bearing - Upgrade or Boondoogle?

    If I remember right I think I read torque it up to 30, unwind it and then torque it to 15-19. Or you can tighten it while you move the bars lock to lock (front wheel off the ground) until you feel resistance in the bars.
  8. Whooshka

    ABS brake issues

    I wouldn't expect a reply any time soon. The OP has been back many times and not addressed either ABS brake thread he started. :rolleyes:
  9. Whooshka

    Front brake pad pins

    Heating up the bolt allows for expansion and contraction breaking the bond between the bolt and whatever it's screwed into. Google how to loosen a stuck bolt and you'll see it's widely advised.
  10. Whooshka

    Front brake pad pins

    Uh... nevermind.
  11. Whooshka

    Front brake pad pins

    You can try heating them up by holding a soldering iron on them for a couple of minutes. Or spray with a quality penetrant ( not WD40) but guard for overspray. Quality tool too.
  12. Whooshka

    Steering Head Roller Bearing - Upgrade or Boondoogle?

    No and no. If you have crash bars you can jack up the front and place jack stands under them for support. Took me about 6 hours over the course of a few days. Lots of info here...
  13. Whooshka

    Fueling Issue Poll

    How about the vacuum hoses? A clogged/dirty MAF sensor hose might cause a stumble.
  14. Whooshka

    Oil Leak happening right now…

    Thanks for the update. Good to know when an issue is resolved. (y)
  15. Whooshka

    Oil Leak happening right now…

    Wow!!!! I've never seen coolant like that before. Good job getting it all figured out. (y)
  16. Whooshka

    Oil Leak happening right now…

    So it wasn't oil leaking on the ground?
  17. Whooshka

    Oil Leak happening right now…

    BTW that hose was not "sheared off". Overflow and vent hoses are usually cut at angles to produce a venturi effect to aid scavenging.
  18. Whooshka

    Screen extensions - any good on stock screen?

    There are no conclusive findings, too many variables involved. For me I tried one and after a little fiddling I got it to MY liking. Some guys want an absolute air pocket to ride in while others, like me, like a little air flow on them. You can adjust them where they do make a difference.
  19. Whooshka

    Gen 3 , have to hit the starter button two or three times before bike starts. Use to start first click every time.?

    So when was your last tune up? Meaning oil, plugs, filters, a can of FI cleaner, etc. Is the battery strong?
  20. Whooshka

    Rotor bobbins still a little tight after cleaning

    This suggestion I can agree with. ;)