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  1. HilltownDave

    Stoked! New to me Bushtec

    Being a farm kid and CDL holder, I have to say there’s something badass about pulling a trailer around with my FJR, lol! Like the rototiller and rear PTO kit on my old Gravely tractor. Didn’t get used much but was just flat out cool. 🤣
  2. HilltownDave

    Side Panel Repair

    The mechanics of the mirror are fine, thankfully. Just all scratched up. …which reminds me - does Yamaha supply the paint code or are we left trying to match it on our own somehow? The “color matching camera” that my paint supplier uses is incredibly unreliable (from past experience). Any help...
  3. HilltownDave

    Side Panel Repair

    While we’re shedding tears here on the Forum, the other day my son backed my immaculate 2014 out of the garage to get to his 300lb. lighter V-Star and forgot to put the kickstand down. Dropped it right in the driveway. Mirror, front and rear crash bars, and handlebar end all damaged. Life...
  4. HilltownDave

    New to FJR forum

    Welcome from southeastern PA!
  5. HilltownDave

    Black on gold FJR. Only in Japan?

    Wow, that’s dark
  6. HilltownDave

    Steering Head Roller Bearing - Upgrade or Boondoogle?

    This steering head bearing issue has me thinking I need a little clarification. Is it true that: 1- some bikes manifest symptoms from the factory that leave riders scratching their heads until they finally pinpoint the issue, 2- some bikes may develop an issue over time and leave the rider...
  7. HilltownDave

    New to this forum. Live in Hudson fl

    Looks like you’ve got some miles to make up. Best get started!! …right after a fresh change of oil. 😃👍🏼
  8. HilltownDave

    Final drive tools

    I feel a “tech day” coming up…
  9. HilltownDave

    2023 FJR1300ES

    Welcome from southeastern PA! If you like giving the throttle a good twist from time to time and picking up a few items/groceries along the way, you just may have found a bike that suits you for the long term. 😃👍🏼
  10. HilltownDave

    New to this forum.

    Welcome, make yourself at home, and enjoy the help/advice from some good people. 👍🏼
  11. HilltownDave

    New Member

    Welcome from the Keystone state!
  12. HilltownDave

    New to this forum. Live in Hudson fl

    Welcome from southeast PA. Best wishes finding a nice, clean, low-mileage FJR! 👍🏼
  13. HilltownDave

    2024 FJR ES 1300 New Member Sherman CT

    Welcome from southeastern PA! Yeah, if I ever added a cruiser to my garage I think a V-max would light my 🔥 👍🏼
  14. HilltownDave

    Hi all, new owner in Hampshire, UK

    Welcome from the US!
  15. HilltownDave

    New member from Quebec.

    Welcome from Pennsylvania!
  16. HilltownDave

    New joiner

    Welcome from southeast PA!
  17. HilltownDave

    Parts For Sale Trailer Hitch for FJR -like new

    What became of the trailer? Are you going to pull it with the trike?
  18. HilltownDave

    Greetings from South-Central New York State

    Welcome from southeast PA! Did the valve check and CCT on my 2007 last summer at a “tech day” in Ohio (Thanks Andy!). I was in the company of experts so unfortunately I did more helping than doing so I’m probably not the best candidate to help you with that but I do have a shim kit and I’m...
  19. HilltownDave

    Tennessee Owners

    Excellent advice, Rbentnail. I’m fortunate to have a buddy near me who rides BMW’s. I’ve never held that against him and he can even keep up with me (most of the time😛). So it would make sense to reach out to any other rider who might share interests other than just riding regardless what...