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  1. LKLD

    Florida RTE Cowpokes Sebring

    I'm keeping up at the other sandbox, you know, the one you and Vic could be at?  :rolleyes: We'll be there at us some seats, you guys!
  2. LKLD

    Florida RTE Cowpokes Sebring

    1/25 or 1/26?  :rolleyes:
  3. LKLD

    Florida RTE Cowpokes Sebring

    Of course we're in.  If, by chance, they're closed, I know of another place near there too. 😂
  4. LKLD

    Florida RTE soon?

    Looks like a gorgeous day for a ride! Fyi, RiverRatz has a separate entrance/exit, though I’ve done both, and they’re only separated by 8’ or so, so look for any signage. Heading west towards Nobleton, you’ll cross a bridge over the Withlacoochee, and RiverRatz will be immediately on your...
  5. LKLD

    Florida RTE soon?

    A couple of friends of ours, from north Georgia, will be joining us.  Looking forward to to seeing y'all again!
  6. LKLD

    Florida RTE soon?

    Ok, December 7th at RiverRatz. What time are we talking, I might have missed that part.  :rolleyes: Marie and I will be there (thanks, Steve).
  7. LKLD

    EOM, crickets

    Nope, not a thing.  :no:
  8. LKLD

    Florida RTE soon?

    How about River Ratz, in Nobleton? If November is out of the question, then let's pick a date in early December?
  9. LKLD

    Florida RTE soon?

    Heading to SFO in less than 2 weeks, so next month would be better. Any thought of location?
  10. LKLD

    So, where is everybody going to be hanging out after 9/27?

    Yep, this forum has been awesome. Sorry to see this place go though.
  11. LKLD

    EOM 2018 - Maggie Valley, NC - September 20-23, 2018

    Marie and I could do a smoking room too.
  12. LKLD

    Looking for a Gen 3 - red or blue - not grey or black Here's a red one, Dave.
  13. LKLD

    Florida Riders RTE Before the Heat Kicks In

    All of y'all are ugly as sin. JSNS
  14. LKLD

    Pictures of Tank bags on FJR

    Just get the Cortech 2.0 18L. Then you can concentrate on what exhaust to get.
  15. LKLD

    Garauld (on this forum)

    I just received my sport rack, for my '16, from Garauld. Excellent workmanship, blazing shipping, and sturdy packaging. Emailing with him was professional and personal. I wouldn't hesitate one bit to order something else from him!
  16. LKLD

    Queensland Ken - RIP

    This is sad news. R.I.P., Ken.
  17. LKLD

    Helmet Lock Brackets

    Thanks Scott, on such quick delivery of my '16 ES brackets!
  18. LKLD

    "I want you to enjoy your bike."

    Mac, what a fortunate man you are, to have met and known her the way you did. A real blessing. My most sincere condolences to you, your family, and all who was lucky enough to know her. Rob
  19. LKLD

    BBG Trifecta Attempt

    All the best, Tony!