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  1. CCook82

    TIRES?? What tires are everyone running on their FJR?

    Like others here I ran the PR 2 on rear as long as could get them. Have gone to PR 4 in replacement (frugal). Seems ok so far. Unlike others I have run t31 and t32 's on front but got triangulation wear. Went back to last PR2 I could find and again like many before got very uniform wear. Do...
  2. CCook82

    Motocrossers are the top of the food chain

    And the time machine to get to it ! :-)
  3. CCook82

    Motocrossers are the top of the food chain

    Glad Rossu and Tomac and all others exit. Same for put tootsies. To each his own !
  4. CCook82

    STOLEN overnight in Minneapolis 10/9/22

    There are websites and / or Apps to report thefts usually in each state. Never had FJR stolen but have had a trailer taken. I never recovered it but I did feel better about posting it with pictures. Certainly better than law enforcement efforts. I also monitored marketplace on Facebook for...
  5. CCook82

    Top box induced handlebar wobble

    As much weight in bags as possible. Less in top box will help. As will stiffer shock and / or more rear ride height if adjustment available.
  6. CCook82

    ground problem (spider bite) questions

    My experience the same. S4 ok, S6 bad. Stored in doors but ridden in rain on trips couple times a year. And the above info and schematic were very helpful as I diagnosed and repaired.
  7. CCook82

    Wind Roar

    I Agee with above. Experienced observations here opinion.
  8. CCook82

    Michelin Road 6GT

    Here, here I think we might be on to something.
  9. CCook82

    RIP Earl Hayden

    You caught the boys on a bad day.. They were not Earl but usually personable in my experience. Then again. Nobody was like Earl Hayden.
  10. CCook82

    2022 Yamaha FJR

    And was not the 2012 Cobalt also ?
  11. CCook82

    Corbin Smuggler, Corbin seats, TBR exhaust, Shoe Neotecs w/Senas, Firstgear, Klim...

    Did we do a ride or two together to or from Lewisburg. PM pic of me Neorech if you still have it please. Thanks.
  12. CCook82

    RaceTech fork springs

    Do not need but have done business with Kelvin previously. Wanted to advise you may trust this transaction. Good guy.
  13. CCook82

    Gen 2 Cee Bailey shield

    Decided to go shorter shield for summer. Hanging on to your reply though to see what happens in pursuit of shorter. Naturally any body steps up with money, let er fly. Thanks for reply.
  14. CCook82

    Gen 2 Cee Bailey shield

    How much shipping to zip 37663 ?
  15. CCook82

    2016 Premature Paint Wear

    Jeff I came within an ace of buying the first 2016 FJR in my area. When the bike was rolled out into the sun it was covered with swirl marks embedded in the paint so no purchase. You may have just shed light on what happened there. whether the dealer or the factory did it, I think your...
  16. CCook82

    NAFO 2018

    Cedar Key late fall OK.
  17. CCook82


    Very thoughtful while dealing with the loss.
  18. CCook82

    GIVI E45 with Givi Mount and FJR mount Gen II or Gen III

    Is this the flat top 45 liter box?? What color is it please. Thx