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  1. J

    NE Oregon

    Ah the memories, you do the country well my friend.
  2. J

    New '19 FJR Owner

    Pretty bike, welcome aboard.
  3. J

    New to me 2015 FJR 1300 ES

    Be alert, lerts live longer.
  4. J

    Close encounters

    Nice to be able to turn on the lights.
  5. J

    Fly & Ride

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip.
  6. J

    Sidi Stivali Tour Rain Boots - New Size 41 Price Drop

    Seems to be a common ailment with newer boots these day.
  7. J

    Of Ignition Coils, Wires, and Caps

    amazing stuff, looks bi-focal challenging.
  8. J


    conjecture is healthy. While my friend was being admitted, in the er on an adjacent bed (separated by a curtain) was another motorcyclist being evaluated, my friends wife said it was horrifying to listen to the conversation which I will repeat none of. Keep thinking when riding.
  9. J

    2019 A tomorrow

  10. J


    left and left
  11. J

    FJR Common Torque Values and Wrench Sizes

    very nicely done. i will stick to my year specific shop manual with all the folded pages.
  12. J


    Friends were doing the Alaska trip thing about 40 miles N. of Whitehorse, Yukon territory, four bikes in the group, 2 lane blacktop, beautiful weather, first two bikes passed a semi heading N. (this was Sat. morn. around 1100hrs) as the 2nd pair of bikes (my friends) began to pass, the trucker...
  13. J

    Stuck on the Road

    Probably why some folks change their battery every 4 or 5 years, lot easier in the home driveway.
  14. J

    Riding around and the news

    Good state to always keep the gas tank topped up on the east side.
  15. J

    Lolo Pass and the Pork Sandwich

    Idaho collects a lot of revenue from slow-slow pass, has not been on my preferred list for years. Always good to see your photos, keep enjoying your retirement
  16. J

    7-20 tech meet, traffic alert

    I believe I caught a quick glimpse on the noon news that a stretch of hwy 18 going toward Auburn from I-90 will be closed with a lengthy detour through Issaquah.
  17. J

    Happy 4th Folks!

  18. J

    Dreaming with my eyes wide open

    Sharing the good stuff again, thank you.