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  1. Patriot

    Members Pets

    awe Ray yeah, our pack is basset (service dog for bipolar/PTSD) 6, Curr 7, Walkerhound 11, and bagle (beagle/basset) 13 I know well Jenni Lynn the bagle is well past her breed's statistical lifespan. condolences, Ray
  2. Patriot

    RIP Beemerdons

    awe, damn haven't been here in awhile, but am very happy we followed each other along on facebook a really good man who will be greatly missed what else can one ask of oneself
  3. Patriot

    Has anyone heard from Patriot recently?

    Hey everyone...Mike da Patriot dude here doing pretty well, but then if you watch the news, even a little, I and we are doing just fine so much strife & evil in the world...many struggling in their personal lives we're doing ok in the Oliver Palace & zoo...struggling financially with...
  4. Patriot

    Tire Change in Louisianna

    Hey Tony...good to touch base there's a guy here in Metairie (New Orleans) very near to me who has a full blown shop adjacent to his house. he's a Senior mechanic for the local police bike unit as his full time job during the day, and an independent mechanic at night. He's the only tire guy I...
  5. Patriot

    Has anyone heard from Patriot recently?

    I'll try to check in periodically, since many of you are like my family Things are well in the Oliver society, zoo, & machine toys. Isabella is running as well as ever, thanx to many of you generous souls. I smile whenever I throw a leg over her and see the "powered by" decals...
  6. Patriot

    Help with hesitation/loss of power on '05

    I used mps racing for my injector service...current price is $27.50 per google "mps fuel injector ultrasonic cleaning"
  7. Patriot

    Walter Fooshee is ok in hospital

    Walter's been moved to a room and is doing well...feeling good...compared to yesterday morning best news is he has controlled his urge to murder his cell, ah, room mate one can only take so many hours of the "Game Channel" , he says !!! he said it was total coincidence that he had family in...
  8. Patriot

    Walter Fooshee is ok in hospital

    he posted yesterday his story, symptoms, and warning to us all on FB you can check it out there on his account wall (the forum will not let me copy/paste into the body of a post, or allow an image to post after choosing the icon and pasting the url in. very frustrating and if someone can help...
  9. Patriot

    Has anyone heard from Patriot recently?

    things are much better lately...I always struggle with the holidays and have wised up to just accept my best efforts to participate and enjoy...went with the family on Thanksgiving to AIW's Mom & family celebration for a few hours, but stayed put Christmas Day which was a good decision when they...
  10. Patriot

    Has anyone heard from Patriot recently?

    hay everyone...I'm still kickin and yes, my life's on FB admittedly <head down in shame :( > , the speed and performance of the forum software got too painful for me issues have been a big issue, family obligations also, but the bike is running great, the best ever, and I...
  11. Patriot

    Dropped a nut...

    ya dropped a you had a undescended testicle ??? I'm so sorry
  12. Patriot

    Tourmaster jacket

    for winter & cold bad weather, I love my Tourmaster Epic 3/4 jacket with built in hood in collar & caliper pants...all waterPROOF as far as the monsoons I've ridden in here in the deep south I can't recommend more highly
  13. Patriot

    running bad (feeling blessed)...limped home (walking on air)

    Delta Airlines honors the fallen that they receive 2013 Atlanta:
  14. Patriot

    running bad (feeling blessed)...limped home (walking on air)

    last week was the homecoming and funeral services for Louisiana Army National Guard SPC Christopher Drake that I was one of the PGR Ride Captains:
  15. Patriot

    Looking for a torque wrench

    here's a coupon, coupon code good till Aug 14, 2013
  16. Patriot

    Help with hesitation/loss of power on '05

    fuel air spark compression
  17. Patriot

    Looking for a torque wrench

    for the daily stuff on bikes, I use Harbor Freight of which I have all 3...1/4, 3/8, & 1/2 which run on sale for $10 to $13 with sale coupon or 20% coupon. Granted, I wouldn't use them for head bolts which requires more precision than axle bolts, but they've been just fine for the 7 years I've...
  18. Patriot

    Premier Cycle Accessories Inventory Reduction Sale

    Received an email today and I went to their website and FB page. As I read it going forward, they are only going to sell their own products...
  19. Patriot

    Garauld (on this forum)

    very happy with the new Gen I subframe reinforcement...quality product and dang easy to install even a redneck yat can do it !!!