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  1. kieefjr

    Sold Water Pump

    At the time I bought this my dealer was doing the 2nd gear recall. The shop manager informed me my pump looked like it was leaking, what it was looked normal to me as sweating. I had no drips of any kind. I snuck back to speak to the mechanic and he said this “sweating” is normal. Anyway at the...
  2. kieefjr

    Sold Water Pump

    New FJR water pump for sale. $190 shipped with lower 48
  3. kieefjr

    Sold 2016 FJR in TN

    $9000 2016 A model 6speed, 2nd Adult owner @ 33800k miles, currently 44000k. All recalls up to date including 2nd gear swap performed by Sloans in Murfreesboro @ 37k, valve adjustment check and TBS also performed. Runs like new. Excellent shape, never dropped, well cared for by both Adult...
  4. kieefjr

    Close call -- Michelin Road 5 performance

    Good save and lucky no vehicles intervened and I just mounted a set of 5’s so that’s also good to hear.
  5. kieefjr

    BikeBandit a FRAUD?

    I noticed the last few times I visited they were out of stock on every tire I looked at. Makes sense now.
  6. kieefjr

    Trying to select an FJR Model

    2016 is my favorite.
  7. kieefjr

    North American Wild Card Moto-Tag Game

    Loretta Lynn’s Home New Tag, County Courthouse
  8. kieefjr

    North American Wild Card Moto-Tag Game

    Roadside furniture tagged, Next tag, a mailbox made from a motorcycle OR motorcycle parts OR maybe it’s best to include any ornamental artisy fartsy type mailbox structure? Is this OK?
  9. kieefjr

    Wanted: Bike with character

    Triumph SpeedTwin?
  10. kieefjr

    FS - BeadRider

    Bump, I got sheepskins too.....and a medium size jacket... :)
  11. kieefjr

    FS - BeadRider

    Say, no one got you a Beadrider for Christmas?
  12. kieefjr

    FREE battery & exhaust cans

    PM replied to. Near Nashville if anyone wants to pick up.