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    Thanks for the info Iggy. I'm not a web guy.
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    Anybody know what happened to Warchilds FJR Tech? His site was invaluable . Site says not under active development.
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    So sorry to hear this sad news about Jason. He was a wonderful person who I had the opportunity to meet & ride with on several occassions.Very sad for his family. RIP Jason.
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    2013 FJR A SOLD

    I'm listing my low mileage 13-k FJR for sale. Price $7500. Paint is almost perfect except 1 small bit of scratching on right rear case. Runs like an FJR-perfect. Pazzo Levers Helibar Riser plate 2 Ram mounts Garmon Zumo 660 Russell Day Long Seat in leather front & back. pillon is stock in...
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    TRex Saddlebag Guards

    I guess this guy disappeared off the face of the earth.
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    TRex Saddlebag Guards

    Sent you a pm yesterday.
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    BMW 1600 GTL

    BIKE HAS BEEN SOLD.I'm posting this with a heavy heart. I had a friend who was a previous FJR owner who recently passed away. His wife has a 2013 BMW 1600 GTL. This bike is in excellent condition and has some options such as an aftermarket remus exhaust, custom heated corbin seat and a Garmon...
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    GEN2 CALSCI Windscreen Large - SOLD!

    Would help to list which Gen the stuff will fit.
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    2013 fork oil change

    I think I'm going to postpone doing mine for a while. I had to get the new tires on today and go for a ride. I appreciate input on this from everyone. Thank you
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    2013 fork oil change

    Dave, have you changed the fork oil on your 2015?
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    2013 fork oil change

    Thank you Ross for posting these charts.
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    2013 fork oil change

    He re is another thread that has some good info from the gentleman in the Netherlands.
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    2013 fork oil change

    I have my wheels off and figured I'd change out the fluid since the age of the fluid and I doubt it has been changed.Do you have the Verhanes Chart?
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    2013 fork oil change

    I've read on another previous thread on gen 3 suspension info that the weight rating isn't as important as the centi sks rating should be around 15-17.Also the airspace was 10cm on one fork and 8cm on the other side.  They used 10cm on both as the airspace.
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    2013 fork oil change

    I bought it last year with around 8-k on it.
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    2013 fork oil change

    Any tech guys, is the fork oil change & flush any different from a Gen1 to a Gen 3? How about what kind of fork oil? I used belray 10 w on my Gen 1 bikes. Thanks in advance
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    Hyper Pro Shock and Fork Springs For Sale

    Great Deal, shouldn't last long.
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    HeliBar Riser for sale.

    I've got one of these from a forum member and if it's the same one I have you have to put an extension on the brake line. Also you will not be able to raise your gas tank up to access underneath without removing the rear pivot bolt. Again I don't know if it's the same one I have.