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  1. TomInPA

    Groundhog Day

    Wow! Who dug up this Groundhog Day TR from 2016? Nice to see it o the 8th anniversary.
  2. TomInPA

    New to me 2006 FJR

    The 2006 is a very good bike except for it's abrupt throttle roll-on, and some recalls that should be performed. Since your bike has only 1200 miles I want to make sure you change the shit tires for your own safety. Enjoy the ride but don't take the low miles for granted that the bike is new.
  3. TomInPA

    What you do besides motorbikes?

    Summer is busy. We own an inground pool, kayaks, a 23' monohull sailboat and a Nacra 5.7 catamaran. Ride to sail. Sail to ride.
  4. TomInPA

    Smokers (BBQ - not grilling)

    I have been using the Hickory, Oak, Maple Cherry blend from Sam's Club. Good price and nice smoke results.
  5. TomInPA

    Did I finally kill my FJR?

    My bet is on the battery or starter, and the recommendation to attach a known good battery or charger may show the problem. To check for seized engine, remove the crank cover on the right side and turn the engine crank manually just as you would for timing or cam chain management.
  6. TomInPA

    Rear shock rebuilds

    That is the part number that comes up on the Partzilla fisch for 2016+ FJR1300A. I would not argue with double checking a second site.1MC-22210-50-00 Partzilla shows this unavailable under...
  7. TomInPA

    Rear shock rebuilds

    I have never seen a Gen I or any other OEM shock rebuilt. Best bet is to buy a Gen III OEM shock which has a lot stronger spring, or to go aftermarket. To be honest a rebuild would cost more than a new shock for $322. Partzilla
  8. TomInPA

    Parts Wanted FOUND! - Stock exhaust cans

    The small dent in the right pipe was visible in the Ebay ad, so it's more than a fair price. The Gen I exhaust has no catalytic section in the muffler pipe, so you got better flow.
  9. TomInPA

    Top box induced handlebar wobble

    I'll bet if you just slightly tighten the castle bolt on your steering stem, the problem would go away. DAMHIK.
  10. TomInPA

    Won't Start....In Gear That Is

    Resurrecting this zombie thread because my clutch lever switch failed. The plunger no longer has any spring action, so it doesn't pop-out when the clutch is pulled. This keeps the engine from starting unless in neutral. 2005 FJR ABS, and I can't see a screw that is shown in the parts drawings...
  11. TomInPA

    Last two questions: reinstalling Penske reservoir and where is this drain tube from ?

    I'll try to get a better picture in the light tomorrow.
  12. TomInPA

    Last two questions: reinstalling Penske reservoir and where is this drain tube from ?

    It attaches to the rear bolt hole of the passenger peg
  13. TomInPA

    Hello AllGen 1 2005

    Liuthyy, what would you like us to spend your money on first? Welcome.
  14. TomInPA

    100 lbs above GVWR

    I'd be tempted to sell the ES to someone that wants the premium ES suspension and stuff, and actually downgrade to a Gen II or Gen III A model. That way you can install upgraded springs and Penske 8983 shock for less than the cost of the swap. I have the Penske 8983 with 850 lb springs. Bought...
  15. TomInPA

    100 lbs above GVWR

    This sounds like a question for Los Rosbustos Motorcycle Club. I can assure you are not the first to top the scales. Without the ES model, I would advise you to get a high quality aftermarket shock with a 1000 lb spring and upgraded forks. I don't know what options are out there for the...
  16. TomInPA

    Steeringhead bearings.

    Replacing the stock ball bearings with the roller bearings provides more "stiction". This is the ability to resist small inputs from the wheel, resulting in a more stable steering feel. The OEM bearings are fine, but the roller bearings have a lot more surface area on the races. Tire condition...
  17. TomInPA

    Steeringhead bearings.

    I bought a set of AllBalls bearings and have never installed them. I was having a lot of problems with a loose, knocking feel in the steering and deceleration wobble. All I had to do was properly tighten the crown nut over the bearings to re-seat them. I have upgraded fork springs, and...
  18. TomInPA

    I have a tick tick

    The 2005 is now 17 years old and the CCT should be changed regardless of miles. I changed mine over 10 years ago during the valve check and other maintenance. The upgraded CCT should be good for the life of the bike. The alternative is not pretty. If the CCT fails, the cost of repairs exceeds...
  19. TomInPA

    Smokers (BBQ - not grilling)

    How do you wrap the smoked cheese? Would a vacuum bagger work to avoid air and mold?
  20. TomInPA

    Something Cool -- Interested?

    Take it for a test ride first. My experience with that bike is that it was more thrilling in the 80s than today after riding the FJR.