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    Long-Distance Endurance MT10 Project

    That looks sensational. I love this build so much. I must have missed something, but what caused the change in strategy for the aux fuel attachment to the main tank?
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    Long-Distance Endurance MT10 Project

    I continue to be impressed with this build - so exciting to see someone doing a build that's a bit off the beaten path. As for the mileage, unfortunately these Yamaha CP4 motors are known for being substantially thirsty no matter the state of tune. I experience the same on my R1M. Fully...
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    Long-Distance Endurance MT10 Project

    This is one of the coolest builds I've seen in a long time. Subscribing to this thread to watch the remaining work unfold.
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    Added a new to me 2016 FJR1300A

    Congratulations on the new machine! That thing looks beautiful!
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    Two Brothers slip ons...

    Agree with foxracer - the people demand pictures/videos! :clapping:
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    Holeshots getting a little loud?

    Looks like a great idea. Gotta love the ingenuity too. Nice work!