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  1. redneckj

    Dunlop Mutant

    I like the RS4 ‘s that I have on the Fjr. Zero complaints. I could not justify the extra money for the R6. The RS4 are round, black and comfortable riding tires that handle well.
  2. redneckj

    I’m new here.

    The new ecu needs the CO settings set at 0. Ivan has the instructions on his website.
  3. redneckj

    Seat options

    There are 2 Russell seat options. The standard Russell and the Russell sport seat. I went with the Russell sport seat. It is the same height as a stock seat. It is generally shaped like a standard Russell but more narrow up front, easier to move around while canyon carving and putting your...
  4. redneckj

    True That

    Happy bday Dave!
  5. redneckj

    Where do you buy your oil change kit from

    Mobil 1 10w-40 high mileage oil does NOT have the energy conserving decal. I have run this oil for nearly 77,000 miles in the FJR and ran it for 40,000 miles on my Gen 1 FZ1. I actually talked to an engineer from Mobil 1 at SEMA in Las Vegas years ago. I ask him if he could tell me the...
  6. redneckj

    Rear crash bars

    Also, the rear crash bars are commonly referred to as “ankle breakers” by LE motors guys too.
  7. redneckj

    Where do you buy your oil change kit from

    M1-110 Bosch filter and 10w-40 Mobil 1 high mileage from Walmart.
  8. redneckj

    Happy Holidays To All!

    Merry Christmas to All!!
  9. redneckj

    ignation fail

    You might want to look at the molex plug where the ignition switch plugs into the wiring harness. See if there is corrosion in the plug.
  10. redneckj

    Top box induced handlebar wobble

    Says the guy that can shoot a satellite into space and hit an asteroid going 14,000 mph.
  11. redneckj

    Not a "Reuben Run or The Last Hurrah" - Gauging Interest on a First Annual " Why Not? " in Lapine, OR

    I’m good to go too. I’d love to see the “why not” continue. IMHO, That’s what Ray would have wanted, friends on motorcycles getting together. Bend or Prineville are both great choices. Prineville would be less expensive and appreciate our business more. Plus, like Kevin said, “It’s...
  12. redneckj

    Top box induced handlebar wobble

    If your Ohlins rear shock has ride height adjustment, try adding a little bit of ride height. I am not talking about spring preload. If your shock doesn’t have ride height adjustment, try sliding your forks up in the triple trees 3-4 mm. See if that helps
  13. redneckj

    06 FJR Fork Drain-Plugs

    You need to get forks off the bike. Find a local motorcycle suspension shop in your area and take the forks to them.
  14. redneckj

    Oyster Run Death

    What Super13 said.
  15. redneckj

    Not a "Reuben Run" but "The Last Hurrah" - Labor Day Weekend 1-5 September 2022

    Reuben dinner Thursday night, count me in! See ya’ll soon!!
  16. redneckj

    Mileage between Brake jobs

    77,000 miles on my 2010, still stock pads front and rear. But I don't ride fast.
  17. redneckj

    I've ridden a few thousand miles on my 05 FJR

    I sent you a private message
  18. redneckj

    I've ridden a few thousand miles on my 05 FJR

    I agree 100% with escspe. If you can find a 13-22 non ES rear shock with low miles, that’s a great budget upgrade. If your gonna buy new, buy a Penske with spring for your weight. Forks, lots of options too. Biggest thing is maintenance and making sure it’s sprung for your weight. The...