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  1. sportsguy

    Opinions Wanted on Retiring to Puget Sound

    Part of the state is wet, part dry. I liked both! It’s a wonderful area, in general, but traffic is real, taxes are creeping up, property and home prices are normalizing against what we have here in SoCal (I’m in Camarillo) and they have no In-And-Out locations. Sigh. Nuff said. 😉
  2. sportsguy

    Fly & Ride

    No worries Kevin - hit me up on the next run and I'll show you the local sights. We can do a breakfast at the Waypoint Cafe, then hit some tasty roads nearby!
  3. sportsguy

    Fly & Ride

    Norcal - you gotta find Happy Camp and follow the road over to Grant's Pass! It's an 8 hour drive home from there. And the "gas station" in Happy Camp is two pumps behind a dirt there IS gas there...but it's hardly obvious! Road from HC to GP was freshly paved about 3 years ago now -...
  4. sportsguy

    How old is too old (for jackets, helmets)?

    I'll need to pull together the list this week and come back to share. I have some travel on Wed/Thurs that'll occupy me for a bit, but I should be able to lay my hands on gear for photos and names/sizes this week. Off the top of my head, these two were handy in the garage. Yellow is a...
  5. sportsguy

    How old is too old (for jackets, helmets)?

    For, meet people, 'n stuff... ;) Really, it was my wife's gear and she has no interest in riding now, so no sense hanging onto the gear. heck, i replaced the rear seat on the Tenere ages ago with an extra rotopax for gas. :)
  6. sportsguy

    How old is too old (for jackets, helmets)?

    Appreciate the input guys.
  7. sportsguy

    Backfire Motorcycle Night Spring Opener is March 20, 2019.

    I went down last week for BFM - this explains why no one was around... ;)
  8. sportsguy

    How old is too old (for jackets, helmets)?

    I have several jackets (male and female), a full body suit and several helmets gathering dust. My original intention was to pass them along to someone who could use them, but... Helmets have a shelf life, and I'm pretty sure I'm just going to disassemble the two I have and discard the parts...
  9. sportsguy

    Merry Christmas to all you folks and your family's.

    Just wanted to swing by and let everyone know you're still in my thoughts. As I contemplate whether to ride today, tomorrow or the 26th, I think of all of you. :) It's pretty chilly here in SoCal, what with it getting into the upper 40's in the mornings. I might wait until mid-day to do some...
  10. sportsguy

    ANNUAL PNW Tech meet #20 July 7th, 2018

    Maybe I'll do a fly and hang... :D
  11. sportsguy

    PNW Spring Tech Meet #18 - May 13th

    Maybe he knows, KNOWS, that if he attends, he won't be able to help himself and he'll kick you in the backside. Which will only hurt his recovery... ;) And I realize this will shock y'all, but I won't be able to make this one...sigh. Between Chicago and Atlanta then. So you will all have to...
  12. sportsguy

    Hudson Heads to the Cotswalds

    Epic! I can attest to Gerry's...well...everything! Those bikes are just plain amazingly enjoyable to ride. :) The cafe was but mere parts during my visit, but its so hard not to want one if you've been anywhere near any of his bikes. Such a great story, too - nice to see your linguistic...
  13. sportsguy

    SOLD: 2012 KTM 690 Enduro R...2,200 miles

    And of course, I see it clear as day...but given the vagaries of the interwebs, here's the link just in case others cannot see it.
  14. sportsguy

    SOLD: 2012 KTM 690 Enduro R...2,200 miles

    This motorcycle has been sold. After four years with this magnificent beast, it's time to let her go. Bought it new at I90 Motorsports in Issaquah, WA. Crazy fun and capable. That's not a typo in the title as she's only covered about 2,200 miles. Most of which was back and forth to forest...
  15. sportsguy

    GP Suspension moving to SoCal

    They will be 20 minutes from me if they're coming to Oxnard. :) Handy... :D
  16. sportsguy

    Took a flight today in a 1948 SNJ-5 Texan - very cool

    Yup. Stand behind one of those bird and get caught in the prop wash and you'll know it! It's about the same price here to grab a ride in one of the birds. $249 is the entry point for the PT-19 trainer, with the T-5 a step up. Got a cool 1500 singles burning a hole in your wallet? Then step...
  17. sportsguy

    Brokeback FJR - A ride report told from 2 Perspectives

    NO salads were tossed on this trip. NONE. Just sayin...
  18. sportsguy

    Took a flight today in a 1948 SNJ-5 Texan - very cool

    In person, it's amazing. That big blue PBJ we park next, you gotta be near one of those sometime! So loud you cannot think! On's too much of a racket...LOL Glad you guys are enjoying the video. The band playing the music are called the Chromatics, out of Portland OR.