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  1. tgarrett3434

    Trailer hitch

    Thanks again Ross- I'm always amazed at your quick and thoughtful replies.......I believe I've made a decision. While your offer is tempting, its time I got off my lazy butt and went out to the shop and actually did some work! Long wet winter here has me very lethargic, and I need to shake that...
  2. tgarrett3434

    Trailer hitch

    Hello folks Does anyone have a trailer hitch they wish to part with? My Fjr is a 2006 model. Or, are there recommendations on a vendor to use for a new one? I can build one too if I have to. Thanks, Tom in Oregon
  3. tgarrett3434

    2009 Gen2 died while riding to work - frustrating and I need some advise please

    I just sent you separate post regarding a part I’m looking for. Thanks, Tom
  4. tgarrett3434

    The WHY NOT 2023 is a reality!

    I thought I’d registered a month ago but not on this list so just re-registered. I owe you for the dinner , do you do Cashapp? Thanks, Tom garrett
  5. tgarrett3434

    Stubborn to resolve sh-46 fault code

    I finally have some good news to report seemingly I have finally resolved this problem. I’ve been fighting it off and on for three weeks. In a 20 minute ride I can get the fault to occur probably five or six times. I just got back from nearly a one hour run and it didn’t happen one time! Here...
  6. tgarrett3434

    The Why Not 2023 - Registration, Dinner and Shirt Orders- 7/19/23 UPDATE - WITH FREE STUFF!

    Thanks jp for everything so far. I’ve got the new windscreen installed, However unfortunately I have a bigger problem. I have the dreaded SH 46 fault code, it happens pretty often and I’m trying to figure out how to fix it. I really don’t wanna take it to my local Yamaha dealer. This bike also...
  7. tgarrett3434

    The Why Not 2023 - Registration, Dinner and Shirt Orders- 7/19/23 UPDATE - WITH FREE STUFF!

    Jp- I am registered but prefer not to set up a PayPal account for the dinner, and it won’t let me pay with a credit card. Any thoughts? Thanks Tgarrett3434
  8. tgarrett3434

    Self Intro

    Thanks for that, yeah it’s an AE. I didn’t do any research on these bikes before I pulled the trigger on this one but hopefully I’ll be a happy camper with this bike, I sure was happy when I did my demo ride!
  9. tgarrett3434

    New member, 2007 owner

    Hi Tom,,,,,what is a Rostra cc? I just bought a 2006 Fjr. Thanks, Tom in Oregon
  10. tgarrett3434

    Greetings and Intro from New FJR1300 Owner

    Hi Peter. I’m a new (older 2006) Fjr owner too. Had an 8 year riding lapse. Have fun and good luck!
  11. tgarrett3434

    Self Intro

    Thanks Dave. Dummy me, yes, loading it the ‘wrong way’ resulted in the windscreen ripping right off the bike when I got my pickup up to about 60 mph! I seem to always have to learn things the hard way. Have a happy summer!
  12. tgarrett3434

    Self Intro

    Hi my name is Tom Garrett I live near Salem Oregon. I just bought a used 2006 Fjr from a lady in Camas Washington on July 1. It has 65k on it, My last bike was a BMW K 1200 LT weighing 930 pounds. So this bike is refreshingly light. I’m looking forward to riding the wheels off of it, but I have...