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  1. majicmaker

    EOM 2019 Event & Discussion Thread

    Registered, booked a room and ordered the T Shirt.
  2. majicmaker

    "I want you to enjoy your bike."

    That is a Wonderful update, Mc. Time definitely does heal all wounds in the sense that it hurts less and less and the memories bring smiles instead of sadness. Ive learned that the hard way myself. Im glad your transition has come. Now, go on your trips and enjoy yourself. They will be more...
  3. majicmaker

    EOM 2019 Discussion

    What happened? Did someone say, You look pretty? Thatll scare me too.
  4. majicmaker

    EOM 2019 Discussion

    That would be fantastic, Wayne but, I havent ridden in over a year. The 1,100 mile ride home will shake all the cobwebs off. Extremely nice offer though besides, Annette told me I should pay you guys a visit which I intend to do. You can take it around the neighborhood and see what that trigger...
  5. majicmaker

    EOM 2019 Discussion

    Ill be riding the new to me 09AE that I told you about. Ill be picking it up in Columbus, Ohio as soon as the Siberian temps go away. :yes:
  6. majicmaker

    EOM 2019 Discussion

    I’m in! Don’t really care where. Missed the last one. Got ants in my pants and I need to dance. :)
  7. majicmaker

    "I want you to enjoy your bike."

    I hope youre enjoying all those memories, MC. I have to be honest here, for as far back as I can remember, Ive thought about making a trip across the pond to pay you a visit to sit and chat over a pint. Itll have to be ice cold because room temperature beer is not my cup of tea. :laugh: I...
  8. majicmaker

    "I want you to enjoy your bike."

    I’ll raise a glass tonight too, MC.
  9. majicmaker

    On the way home

    Looks like a fun detour, John. Cajun cuisine has risen close to the top of my favorites. Glad you had a good time. :yes:
  10. majicmaker

    Factory top case position modification?

    Take the pad off the top box and from the back of her jacket. That should do it.
  11. majicmaker

    Quiet Forum These Days?

    Youre conflating the two, Panman. The nasty pouty asses can be dealt with real quick just like theyve always been. Nasty is nasty. A little relaxed fun is fun. You know what that is dont you? Theres a big difference between the two. Just chiming in with my thoughts. No skin off my nose either...
  12. majicmaker

    Quiet Forum These Days?

    Hey! On the bright side, theyve let this thread go on for as long as it has. Thats actually a good sign. Maybe... just Maybe, they are realizing that a little fun isnt going to make this Forum collapse. JSNS... :yes:
  13. majicmaker

    EOM 2018 - Maggie Valley, NC - September 20-23, 2018

    Damn, Tyler! Two? When you commit, you go all the way, Huh? :laugh:
  14. majicmaker

    Skiing with a 2018 FJR1300AS

    That’s fantastic, Mc. What’s the name of the color? It looks dark.
  15. majicmaker

    2007 Tail light lens

    It’s just one assembly.
  16. majicmaker

    4 wheels and 2 wheels

    Damn... all this talk is starting to depress me a little. I guess I’m lucky. I’ve pretty much done everything I’ve wanted to do and see in my life. My bike is down temporarily right now for some maintenance, but I’d go freakin’ Nuts if I didn’t have the FJR to jump on and ride every day. It’s...
  17. majicmaker

    Quiet Forum These Days?

    I was there, Geek. It was my first road trip. For me, it rained in buckets the three up and the three days back home. Strangely enough, I Still had the time of my life. :yes:
  18. majicmaker

    "I want you to enjoy your bike."

    So, That was the reason you upgraded to the 14. Smart move, I should’ve done that myself. :yes:
  19. majicmaker

    Quiet Forum These Days?

    It use to be this way, D.O.L. And there was still plenty of people chiming in trying to help members with all their technical problems. If this particular thread is still alive, there might be some hope for this Forum yet. It doesnt have to die. Just Sayin. :yes: