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  1. garauld

    Side Panel Repair

    A photo of the damaged parts would be useful. I've used a soldering iron with a clean tip to "weld" the broke pieces together. Pretty easy to do - outside. I would send you some ABS filler rods gratis if you PM me your address info.
  2. garauld

    Trunk lid retention mount broke, repair options or suggestions?

    The broke parts are made from ABS. Do you have the missing pieces? You may be able to use a special glue to put them back together although I have had good luck repairing cracked lids using a soldering iron and ABS filler rods to "weld" them back together. I have some black filler rod I would...
  3. garauld

    Garauld Accessory Catalog Showcase

    Not that I know of. I have some suitable paint here (most model years) that I would sell cheap but I looked into shipping it and it turned into a big hassle so if someone wants to coordinate that using their business account or pick it up here then send me a PM.
  4. garauld

    Garauld Accessory Catalog Showcase

    Yes, I still offer HW pegs and can ship to Norway (or just about anywhere else). Please send me a PM with your model year.
  5. garauld

    Garauld Accessory Catalog Showcase

    AFAIK, there has only been one subframe failure reported by a rider (passx) while using a stiffy kit: Passx note Aluminum does not have a fatigue limit so the cast subframe will eventually fail given enough stress cycles. I believe stiffy kits can substantially prolong the life of the stock...
  6. garauld

    Garauld Accessory Catalog Showcase

    Hi. The original intent was to reinforce and stiffen the the aluminum subframe back there to reduce movement (bouncing) that could contribute to a fatigue failure of the cast aluminum subframe. A second benefit would be to contain the disconnected parts were a failure occur. What did the...
  7. garauld

    Gen2/3 Subframe Stiffy Kit by Garauld

    I have been in touch with Murph at Murphskits - he has expressed interest in making these although, at this time, I cannot say whether he will be making them. I do offer a set of prints to those talented folks with the necessary access to equipment that can make their own up. PM me if you wish...
  8. garauld

    Parts For Sale Muffler Tailcones for Gen1/2 for sale

    While cleaning up my shop, I came across a set of silver tailcones that I am offering up for sale. The will only fit on Gen1 & 2 mufflers. $50 delivered stateside. First PM gets them.
  9. garauld

    Garauld Accessory Catalog Showcase

    At this point, I am only offering highway peg kits unless my 401k fund tanks.
  10. garauld

    Engine Cage and Luggage Protector Bolt Options

    I'd be happy to make you some spacers if you send me some dimensions and pay for shipping. You can get the bolts possibly locally or from or
  11. garauld

    Scraping Highway Pegs

    I have been supplying the pegs with thin washers placed on each side of the peg stub at the pivot. These should provide a more-consistent friction effect to allow a finer adjustment to keep the pegs up or down. If you want a set, just PM me with your address and I will send them to you...
  12. garauld

    FJR Forum Decal design

    Yup, ditch the topbox and crank up the contrast.
  13. garauld

    Gen1 Subframe Stiffener Kit

    No, but I can send drawings if you provide me with your email.
  14. garauld

    Parts For Sale FJR Touchup paint For Sale

    Thanks for your well-wishes. I am playing around building some other projects like BowzerBot - an autonomous robotic dog that could prowl around the yard to scare the deer (and neighbors) away - kinda like Roomba but with barks. o_O
  15. garauld

    Parts For Sale FJR Touchup paint For Sale

    OK, I have a firm potential buyer for all the paint. I will start a new thread for this in the unlikely event the deal falls thru.
  16. garauld

    Parts For Sale FJR Touchup paint For Sale

    Pretty much. Definitely out of the repaint biz.
  17. garauld

    Parts For Sale FJR Touchup paint For Sale

    Due to my retirement, I have decided to sell my extensive collection of FJR touchup paint in cans. The attached chart shows what colors and Colorite paint info were used for each model year. I currently have paint in cans for those as listed except for the light blue shaded ones. I am selling...
  18. garauld

    Garauld Hiway Peg Mounting Plates

    Not that I'm making. I passed my welding jig off to another member who may make some up but I have not seen him post any update on his plans. PM me if you can make one yourself and I will send the drawings to you.
  19. garauld

    Garauld Hiway Peg Mounting Plates

    I am mostly retired but am still offering HW peg kits for the foreseeable future. PM me if you want one. ;)