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    Road Noise

    Turn up the radio.
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    Cracks in the Aft SubFrame

    The proponents of single wheel trailers say they are far less inclined to push the bike around since they follow the track of the bike's own tires as they lean into a corner as well as having more of the weight on the hitch when braking. (I've never ridden a bike with a trailer, two wheeled or...
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    Slider Recommendations

    No, they won't protect a mirror. They will, however, mostly protect the expensive lower fairing panels in a tip-over.
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    Dunlop Mutant

    My favourite on-line Canadian motorcycle tire dealer isn't advertising the price, but is privately offering the RSIV front for about 60% of the cost of the R6 version. And the Mutant for a few dollars less than that. No mention of a rebate though, so I guess it's "in lieu of".
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    Dunlop Mutant

    I saw their first test, interesting to see the follow-up. Oddly, in the earlier installments they gave the Roadsmart a "slight edge" in handling over the R6, but in the concluding installment they said the RS handling was "lightyears ahead" of the R6. I wonder if the perception changed, or if it...
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    Dunlop Mutant

    7,000km update: I did try them out for a short ride in the snow back in March, and can confirm that as a snow tire, they suck. No real surprise there, I'll stick with the 4wd pickup and studded tires for winter use. I'm still happy with the grip and feel of these tires, especially on the...
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    Cracks in the Aft SubFrame

    Hard to tell from the profile pic, but is that an aftermarket case on an adapter plate to the OEM rack? Givi makes replacement racks for their top boxes that eliminate the stress on that subframe. Worth the extra $$$, IMHO. I've never had a frame crack issue with hundreds of thousands of miles...
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    Trunk lid retention mount broke, repair options or suggestions?

    Closer to the latter. In plastic welding, the materials are not actually melted. One heats things to just above the plastic deformation temp and then applies pressure on the semi-solid rod to make the bond. Takes a bit of practice (in my case, a LOT of practice <lol>). Overheating the plastic...
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    Gen 3 , have to hit the starter button two or three times before bike starts. Use to start first click every time.?

    I forgot about that, was thinking of the Gen 1. So that complicated the diagnosis slightly, but then again, at $12, it's cheap enough to do a parts swap diagnosis.
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    Gen 3 , have to hit the starter button two or three times before bike starts. Use to start first click every time.?

    Could also be fuel pressure regulator or injectors. If the regulator is seeping, fuel pressure may be low in the line. If the injectors are seeping fuel pressure will be low AND there will be raw fuel sitting in the intake. Are you hitting the button as soon as you turn the key? Try waiting for...
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    Mile Eater Awards

    Depends. Are we talking setting the cruise control rolling along the superslab, backside comfortably embraced in a custom saddle behind the windscreen on a farkeled-out litre-plus tourer, stopping for fuel only every 5 gallons or so? Hey, if that's what floats your boat, have at it. But I...
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    Should black hex box remain?

    Pointing a new member to a manual is all well and good and of great benefit to the new member. When it is appended to the simple answer to a simple question it encourages further participation in the group. Dismissing a new member by telling them to read the manual instead of giving a simple...
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    Excessive fuel consumptuon

    Not uncommon these days. Bots or low-paid spammers create an account, make a semi-relevant post or 3 over a few months just to establish some history before coming back to tout some clickbait in the future.
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    Valve check/Valve adjustment in Dallas-Ft. Worth

    Loose valves are happy valves. Tight valves cause damage. Err on the side of loose.
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    Excessive fuel consumptuon

    That's not bad for some conditions. Riding around with the screen up at 120-130kph will do that. If you are cruising at 80kph with the screen down then it's terrible.
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    Groundhog Day

    Around here, 6 more weeks of winter is "spring is just around the corner".
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    ABS rear brakes engaging

    Failing (delaminating) rubber brake lines can have similar effects. Air trapped in the delaminated section cannot be flushed and heat expands it, causing an increase in line pressure. Pressure will drop when the line cools, so brakes release after some time.
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    I’m new here.

    Actually, while I initially set the CO to 0 as per Ivan's instructions, I found that was a starting place and needed to be tweaked a bit. I suspect that while Ivan's tune was perfect for the sample bike he had at hand during development, manufacturing tolerances mean each bike is a bit...
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    I’m new here.

    I have Ivan's flash on my 06. The engine braking is still there, just not so abrupt -- hence the improved drivability. The throttle has a smoother transition with less of an on-off switch effect. If anything, it's an advantage on a twisty mountain road.
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    Wiring for Trickle Charger and Auxiliary Power

    That could work, depending on the frequency response of the meter. Some will also measure the duty cycle. I always carry the electric vest. It doesn't take much space in the luggage and can be a real boon if caught by surprise. I vividly recall one particular instance. I was working as a rescue...