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  1. Mr_Canoehead

    Tall Rider & Wind Buffeting? - 2nd Gen

    I'm 6'3" with a 34" inseam. I have a Rifle +4" screen with a Puig extension on top. It works great and I look over the screen with no noise or turbulence with the screen about 1/2 way up - I will lower it all the way down for airflow on a hot day but then I get a bit of noise but no turbulence...
  2. Mr_Canoehead

    Long-Distance Endurance MT10 Project

    @Warchild - did the braided brake lines make a difference?
  3. Mr_Canoehead

    The best year for the FJR1300

    LoL - I love my 2006, but I would have bought a 2008 or newer if I had known what a PITA it would be to get it sorted....Spider Bite, Attitude sickness, snatchy throttle, stiff clutch, etc. Yamaha got it all sorted after 2008 (but the colors weren't as good as the 2006).
  4. Mr_Canoehead

    is there a better brake lever?

    On my KTM, the CHN knockoffs caused the brake to drag.
  5. Mr_Canoehead

    A Bad Blue-ridge Parkway Ride.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery! Don't try too hard to remember - it may come back over time or it may never come back. A friend of mine was in a major motorcycle crash last summer and he still doesn't remember a thing. He remembers riding down the highway then waking up in hospital.
  6. Mr_Canoehead

    Morgan Carb Tune Pro

    I had an twinmax electronic unit for a while - I was getting wildly different readings depending on which way it was connected. As an engineer, it drove me crazy so I did some research and learned that it was measuring differential between the two sources but the sensor was only accurate one way...
  7. Mr_Canoehead

    US ECU in a rest-of-the-world 2009?

    I'll be interested to hear whether your speedo is more accurate now. The ROW speedos seem to follow the 10% high Euro guidelines but the USA bikes seem to read accurately.
  8. Mr_Canoehead

    Final drive tools

    Revs/Mile should directly correlate to RPM's (and speedo error if it reads off the back wheel). I wonder how far off your revs can be between the front and rear before the ABS unit starts to get upset? I suspect the basic unit on my '06 wouldn't care but the newer bikes might act up if they have...
  9. Mr_Canoehead

    Fueling Issue Poll

    My 2006 runs as described when the battery gets weak. The way I check for this is to leave it on the tender overnight and it will run perfectly first start in the morning. Then it will get worse as the bike sits. Changing to a new battery solves the issue (until the new one starts doing the same...
  10. Mr_Canoehead

    Screen extensions - any good on stock screen?

    I have the MRA one on my Rifle screen. I find that it works really well to calm the air around my helmet. I have one on my FJR and another on my KTM, so I guess I'm a believer. My only criticism is that the MRA screen comes with a bag of tiny plastic parts that go together differently depending...
  11. Mr_Canoehead

    Parts For Sale HealTech Quick shifter for sale

    2006. I have only tried a couple of times and it wasn't pleasant - rough enough not to try again. I am pretty mechanically sensitive, though. Which reminds me, I still need to install the slipper clutch I bought a few years ago.
  12. Mr_Canoehead

    Considering returning to FJR

    I wouldn't let a chain be a major deterrent to buying a bike. My KTM went 24k miles on the first chain and the replacement is at 20k miles with no sign of wear yet. Changing a chain is a pretty easy job and chain drive has the advantages of lower unsprung weight and easy gearing changes. Yes...
  13. Mr_Canoehead

    Parts For Sale HealTech Quick shifter for sale

    I test rode an R1200GS and an S100XR on the same day a few years ago (2019?). The clutchless up and down on the quickshifter was perfect on the XR but pretty clunky on the GS. I put it down to the responsiveness and light flywheel of the 4 vs the twin. My FJR doesn't like clutchless shifting...
  14. Mr_Canoehead

    Anyone use tank bags?

    I have a few SW Motech bags for my different bikes. If you want a larger bag, I've found that the SW Motech City bag fits well on the FJR. The SW GS bag is too tall to fit well, although it might work with a Frankentank and/or the seat in the low position.
  15. Mr_Canoehead

    US ECU in a rest-of-the-world 2009?

    Background: I purchased a US ECU to try and cure the altitude sickness. The bike would not start and when I broke down and bought a new ECU from Yamaha Canada (there was no recall in Canada), the bike would also not start until I completed the handshake procedure in the fsm. The US ECU was good...
  16. Mr_Canoehead

    US ECU in a rest-of-the-world 2009?

    I can say from personal experience that a US ECU will not work on a Canadian bike. The immobiliser shuts everything down if it doesn't see its paired ECU.
  17. Mr_Canoehead

    below 3000 rpm

    Exactly, I think that is where the PO of John's bike got it wrong - with the cams lined up, the crank was off one tooth. Easy mistake to make but turning the engine over a couple of times and double checking should have caught it.
  18. Mr_Canoehead

    below 3000 rpm

    My thoughts exactly - in John's case, the previous owner had just done a valve adjust and messed it up. If your bike hasn't had the cams out, I would start elsewhere. With John's bike, my first suspicion was the battery since my FJR runs like crap when the battery is weak. The big difference...
  19. Mr_Canoehead

    below 3000 rpm

    I'm the member who helped jbfjr with the wrenching. I don't think he's on here any more (he bought an FJ-09). If you follow the valve adjustment procedure, you can check whether everything is lined up. There are marks on the timing gear for TDC and on the cams. In his case we saw the problems...
  20. Mr_Canoehead

    Seat options

    Another vote for Russell. My bike came with a Corbin and I've had Corbin seats on other bikes that I liked but I found the Corbin on the FJR was too low and not adjustable. I tried a bunch of options: sheepskin on stock/Corbin, Gel pad on stock/Corbin, Airhawk on stock/Corbin but finally bit...