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  1. Chuck35

    comfort seat on craigslist $250

    Sitting on one of those on a hot day is like dipping you ass into a bucket of boiling oil.
  2. Chuck35

    Going to the Dark Side

    If you install a tire pressure monitoring system you can watch pressure and temperature rise to get an idea if you're running at the optimum pressure.
  3. Chuck35

    yamaha fjr touring tank bag

    What is the length and width of this bag?
  4. Chuck35

    Pay it forward - Gone to Chuck's Friend

    I have a good friend that needs one of these
  5. Chuck35

    Going to the Dark Side

    The BFGoodrich G-Force comp-2 has been working very well for me
  6. Chuck35

    FJRForum Official 2017 Iron Butt Rally Tracking/Analysis Thread

    So there was this guy Jerry White interviewing riders....
  7. Chuck35

    2017 Iron Butt Rally

    I'll be on my 08 "Miss Piggy". I'm no rally wizard nor the toughest rider. But I plan to successfully complete the rally and have a great time! I'll ride up as far as Bowling Green after work tomorrow and make the rest of the trip Friday. I hope to see some of you guys at the start (and...
  8. Chuck35

    Rostra help

    2008 here. I used the speed signal from the ECU. Here i what I have from my notes for switches. Gain Sensitivity 1 off 2 off extra low Pulses/Mile 3 on 4 on 5 on 6 on 38600 (24000) Engine/SetUp Timer 7 off 8 off 9 off 8 cylinder / low 10 on Square wave Trans type 11 on Automatic Switch...
  9. Chuck35

    Who Has Access to this Area

    Thanks for the add. I am beginning to have "the dreams" and an occasional moment of panic. It's going to be a blast!
  10. Chuck35

    Relay Arm, modified for easier lube service

    I too would like to see a picture. Contact info pm'd
  11. Chuck35

    Going to the Dark Side

    You got some nice even wear out of that tire. What PSI have you been running?
  12. Chuck35

    Grip Lock Security Device - Has anyone tried or seen one?

    I like the idea just for a parking brake
  13. Chuck35

    GPS, tankbag, other

    Your asking prices would be helpful
  14. Chuck35

    Gen I Headers & Oil Pan

    Gen 1 and 2 headers interchange.
  15. Chuck35

    Gen II Helibars Triple Clamp HRT076

    Helibars offers (or used to offer) a pair of blocks to go with this clamp. From my notes HRT001 adds 3/4" height. GLWS
  16. Chuck35

    WTB Gen 1 cans

    I think I have it covered. I'll know for sure around the end of the week and update this thread. If anything changes, I'll drop you a line. Thanks, Chuck
  17. Chuck35

    WTB Gen 1 cans

    Cav47, that is one hell of a dent! Are you willing to split the pair?