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  1. sullivan

    Drive train "crashing" when engaged on a cold engine

    Riding in the north when cold, a multi-viscosity doesn't bother me, whether 2 or 4 wheels. That's why they make it! I agree with Ross. 25 - 95 degrees, it's all good. Nobody freaks about using their car in those temps.
  2. sullivan

    Mt. Washington - Labor Day Weekend

    Nice weather for you. My 4 or so trips up have been unlimited visibility, very lucky.
  3. sullivan

    Parts Wanted Seat

    Just finished 7100 miles in 13 days. New Sargent worked well and kept weight off my wrists which had always gone numb. Had used the "Comfort " seat for years.
  4. sullivan

    2018 FJR key blank

    Just received mine in the mail. Online deal, cut to the numerical code. Good thing as my primary bent summer of '20, then second key bent, because I gave it an evil look, return from a 7,000 coasts round trip. Glad it didn't break in the northern plains.
  5. sullivan


    Bike bolts still intact at 1179 miles to Illinois from Maine. 1/3 of the way to OR. RoadSmart 4 are properly edge sticky as we cruise at 83mph.
  6. sullivan


    Always at the last hour. Changing the tires and the 4mm allen rounded the abs sensor screw/bolt. Arghh. Fast forward that the first 3/8" external ezout failed. The second, Milwaukee from Hdepot worked. Thank goodness. Will use nickel never seize. Off to the Pacific Saturday after upgrading...
  7. sullivan

    Question for AE Owners

    Performance: took mine to the drag strip a few times. Computer is faster than your clutch fingers! Low speed: you're working yourself up too much. At ultra low speed, just create drag with brake pedal and use the throttle. Not much different. Best benefit: stopping at a toll booth to get...
  8. sullivan

    Did I just create a problem or make my life easier?

    Excellent conversation, plus the link to the other sites' conversation. Thanks.
  9. sullivan

    FJR Forum Decal design

    Either center stand or use the right side view. No top box. Red, perhaps.
  10. sullivan

    Short ride to the coast of Maine - Fort Edgecomb

    That fort is on the Sheepscot River. Mouth of the Kennebec is Fort Popham, where the ships pass from Bath Iron Works.
  11. sullivan

    The dreaded whine - questions

    All items very well said.
  12. sullivan

    Not a "Reuben Run or The Last Hurrah" - Gauging Interest on a First Annual " Why Not? " in Lapine, OR

    We'll be 2 months too soon. Headed west to Bend and the coast from Maine this summer. Sounds like you all should have a great time!
  13. sullivan

    WCG - Routes and Things to See/Do

    We'll miss the group by 6 weeks! But looking forward reading/absorbing all of this information for our motorcycle ride from Maine. Thanks. Looking forward to my first trip to your coast since 1985!
  14. sullivan

    Heading to the Black Hills of SD. Recommendations/Advice welcome

    Thanks for this thread. We're headed to Oregon and the Pacific coast last week of July into August, from Maine. I'll be making notes on all of these suggestions.
  15. sullivan

    Considering a 2016 FJR, but concerned about tranny recall.

    Mine is back two weeks ago. Feels fine. Was told method #1 used> full engine drop.
  16. sullivan

    Handlebar riser nightmare

    Upon disassembly, did you check dimensions and angles of the machining? Mine were installed at the Maine factory and I was given a full tour. Definitely not a small shop. Precision machinery and production all around. I'm just wondering, like others, if the hash lines were punched a little off...
  17. sullivan

    FJRF013 - Transmission Recall for Second Gear (DE, UK, CA, & US) (2016-2020)

    They must have had a tech prep the bike with some disassembly. Full 26 pages of instructions given to me, calling for 15 hours. Runs fine. Nice to have it back.
  18. sullivan

    FJRF013 - Transmission Recall for Second Gear (DE, UK, CA, & US) (2016-2020)

    Done. The dealer brought a senior technician over from another location to do the recall. Less than a whole day! He was test-riding at 2:34pm. Picking up my '19 this morning, fingers crossed. Also did the brake switch? recall and the refresh.
  19. sullivan

    Post some pics of the area in which you live

    another few weeks before getting out full time in Maine
  20. sullivan

    Fatter Grips

    Because of this post, I just ordered from the upstate NY Original Grip Buddies. While I use XL gloves and liked the foam Grip Puppies, the outside diameter and circumference was a whisker too much. They did, however, let heat transmit and knocked down the 4000 - 4200 buzz before my 08 had a...