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    Long-Distance Endurance MT10 Project

    You can't go wrong with a 2WD tune.....loved how mine ran after! Then changed to a full Akropovic exhaust and they updated my tune for FREE! Only sold the FZ10 because of the terrible fuel economy and resulting range.....o_O
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    My experiment with BMW has taken a downturn

    Had a first year FZ-10 and put 30K miles on it. Loved the power and the ergo's are quite nice as well. However the fuel mileage, especially during "spirited" riding is awful! Easy riding yielded upper 30's to maybe 40 mpg. Extended fun riding I averaged upper 20's! I would own another one...
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    2016 and 2007 FJR Still my favorites

    Each to their own on color.......but really going from that BEAUTIFUL Yamaha Blue to Green??? :sick:
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    Parts Wanted WTB Gen II or III forks

    Morning Archer! Got your partial paypay payment and thanks!! I have your ship to address now as well. Again, thanks, Chucki
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    Parts Wanted WTB Gen II or III forks

    I have a nice set from a Gen2 FJR that were updated by GP Suspension. I had the seals and bushings replaced and new fork oil about 3 years ago (less than 5K miles). Really nice condition...... Shoot me a PM if interested. Only thing is, I am out of town for the next 3 weeks. Thanks, Chuck
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    Dealer to Get New Rubber? These guys will treat you right. Both myself and many of my riding buds have used them over the years. They even have a free bike wash station on site! As a bonus, they are just up the road from Deals Gap and the Dragon!
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    Vmax to FJR

    Welcome fellow former VMaxer! Had a 2009 that I bought brand new (pre-order) and put 35K on. Fun bike, but between the poor fuel economy and awkward riding position (the scoops) I was ready to move on! Bought a 2013 FJR and never looked back. 2 FJR's later and 100K miles later I can say without...
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    WTB Smuggler

    I may sell the smuggler from my 2016 and also the factory HD luggage rack. I have it posted on the "other" forum as a package deal, but I might separate... Shoot me a PM if interested and I can send you pics!
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    Yamaha 50 liter top case mount

    Yes, some filing of the rack mounting arms and a little filing to the smuggler bottom.
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    Yamaha 50 liter top case mount

    But it will work, and even with the stiffy kit! :cool:
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    Motorcycle For Sale **SOLD** 2016 Yamaha FJR 1300A with MANY extras!

    Had an interested party on the "other forum" thinking it over the last couple of days. He bought it!
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    Motorcycle For Sale **SOLD** 2016 Yamaha FJR 1300A with MANY extras!

    HELLO fellow FJR enthusiasts! Sorry to say, but I am selling my beloved 2016 Yamaha FJR as my LD riding days are behind me. I have owned this motorcycle since new and put all of the 60,300 miles on her. Never wreaked, raced or abused and I have averaged over 46mpg consistently. The oil and...
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    Going to the Dark Side

    It will fit just fine. Thought the same thing when comparing mine unmounted to the Gmax it replaced. This tire is sooooo good at 30ish psi, you won't believe it! Good luck and report back here after you put a few miles on it.
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    Going to the Dark Side

    The Rikken Raptor is the bomb.......WAY better turn in than the General G-Max I ran before it and holds the line with little countersteer needed.  Run mine at around 32psi and I am a very happy camper! 😎
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    WTB Gen 2, 3 or 4 rear wheel

    Email sent.......
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    Sad News

    Sorry to hear that Ray, I will keep both of you in my prayers. 🙏
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    WTB Gen 2, 3 or 4 rear wheel

    Got a silver 2009 back one for mine when I Darkside! Swap out in 15 minutes!! 😎 Might be for sale in a couple of years.......just having too much fun with it currently