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    Sorting exhaust slip-ons pros and cons

    I have a pair of Coffman slip ons, had them on my 03 1st gen for over 5 years, love the sound and weight reduction! The pop pop exhaust sound on downshift, but I have the powercommander richening the fuel mixture a bit. Yes an FJR will pull the front tire up...
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    Slip-on Exhaust for 2006 FJR Shorties are great! Sound good, and look great! Out of the way and much lighter than stock cans.
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    2003 Fjr1300- 99 k miles

    Almost at 100K miles and running strong!! Tim, Seattle rural area
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    FJR Mileage Milestones

    85,600 miles and going strong. 2003 gen1
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    Possible group buy for heated clothing.

    Let me know if either Group buy is going to happen.... Thanks... Tim
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    WFO-6 Check-in, please....

    (vol210) and I (tjgraves)returned Sunday pm... in Western Washington ---Excellent Ride!! The Water soaked Vests were well worth the weight.... HOT - 102 - 110 deg in places.... Smokin Farkle... .. FYI... the RMR unit saved us several times.... wink!! ( I have this mounted on the front and...
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    GPS for FJR and Boat

    I purchased a Garmin 478c for my FJR / Car / Boat from ( $750 ) new. (retail is $999) Enter the code "GPS" in the coupon code, and get free shipping. I used a Touratech mount and the Ram Ball mount to fasten it to the left handlebar ( clutch mount). It works great!! I...
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    Soltek HID Light Kit GB

    Count me in!! tjgraves!! 03 FJR
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    GPS DEAL - Found a great Price

    I purchased the Garmin 478c Auto and Marine unit, all Maps built in, no monkying with CDs and downloads for $750, retail is $999 or more. That is the best price I have found.... I plan to mount it on my FJR shelf.
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    GPS DEAL - Found a great Price

    Http:// I found this place while shopping for a deal, thought I would pass it on to my fellow FJR'ers. If you put in the special coupon code in, you get free shipping ( The Code is "GPS" ) . Happy Global Positioning!! Tim
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    Throttle position sensor

    NEW TPS AND THOTTLE SYNC FIXED MY PROBLEMS .... I had the exact symptoms.... resolved.... Moto GP here I come... Tim
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    Ignition or Fuel ? Missing after bike is Hot

    SOLVED!!!! NEW Throttle Position Sensor installed.... ouch... over $500, New TPS - $138, check this check that... $90 per hour shop rate. Worth it ?? I asked them to check the Throttle body sync, check out the Fuel Presure Regulator, install new TPS. After reading the posts in the forum, I...
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    Throttle position sensor

    FYI... Thanks all... Mine is in for TPS transplant today, should have it back tomorrow, I will let everyone know how this has resolved or not resolved my issues with surging... Thanks, FYI... 2003 FJR - commuter bike, so I spend alot of time in the low rpm range in traffic, 15.7k miles on it.
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    New 06 FJR Wanted

    I saw an 06 in Tacoma, WA show room a couple of weeks ago... Priced at $15,200. Heated grips, the usual accessories. TACOMA MOTORSPORTS 4701 CENTER ST TACOMA, WA 98409-2317 Ph: 253-564-8678 Fax: 253-566-0624
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    Throttle position sensor

    This is the same issue I explained in another thread in the forum, I have my bike in the shop today, having a new TPS sensor installed. Thanks to the Great troubleshooting notes here... Thanks all!! will let you know how this fix resolves or does not resolve my problem with surging. This is...
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    Ignition or Fuel ? Missing after bike is Hot

    All, took my FJR into a Local Yamaha Dealer in Kalispell, Montana this past week, I asked them to see if they could find anything related to this hot engine mis/hesitation/ hicup I've explained. I delivered it to them HOT, as in, riden it for about an hour. It is missing... you have to take it...
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    MotoGP??.......Anyone going?

    Yea!! Headed to Cali from Seattle on the 19th, will be a quick 6 day trip... 2.5 days down, 2 days of racing, then 2 days home. Can you recommend a good route to take ? We are planning on riding to Seaside, OR on the evening of our departure, then staying on the coast to Eureka CA for next...
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    Ignition or Fuel ? Missing after bike is Hot

    2003 FJR - 15,000 miles on it. Bike runs fine when its cold, however once it gets hot, I feel a missfire or an ignition intermitten. Usually starts after about 45 minute of riding. This miss seems to disapear when I rock on the throttle, or at higher RPM's it is not noticable. I have poked...
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    ***important*** Wfo-4 Update!!!

    Look forward to meeting all the FJR'er's This weekend... Get your $$ sent in... Lets make this happen..ITS UP TO ME and YOU!!! Sent $100 to paypals yesterday --- to fjr1300@gmail acct. See ya all Friday Afternoon - Evening!!! Tim