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  1. vzhq16

    Physics of Cornering...and Recovering

    There's no one right answer that covers every situation. I think the most important thing to keep in mind is not to panic. If you're over cooking a curve, remain calm, get you weight further into the turn and don't make any drastic changes to the throttle application or brakes. A bike...
  2. vzhq16

    Hi there

    Welcome from Indiana USA!
  3. vzhq16

    hello new to site

    Welcome from Indiana! Congrats on the new (to you) ride. I have T-Rex engine cages on my 2016ES. I like the look and the build quality is excellent.
  4. vzhq16

    Road Noise

    There is spray-on sound-deadening stuff or even undercoating you could spray on the inside of the fender/mudguard. As you have already proven, almost anything that changes the resonance of that fender/mudguard helps. I have an extender attached to mine and that could be why I don't hear the...
  5. vzhq16

    Fuel Gauge

    If it was working and now malfunctions in this way, there is a good likelihood that something is just bent or loose (float slipping off the arm, etc.). It might be as simple as pulling the unit out and having a look. If you're handy with an ohmmeter you could check the resistance of that wiper...
  6. vzhq16

    A Bad Blue-ridge Parkway Ride.

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for you.
  7. vzhq16

    fog/spot combo fork light source

    You could use a switch to flip them manually but, I wanted them to flip automatically. That's why I used the Clearwater Lighting pigtail.
  8. vzhq16

    fog/spot combo fork light source

    I mounted them to the upper fender mounting hole by using a slightly longer bolt and a hard plastic spacer. The wiring is a little trickier. I used an auxiliary fuse block mounted under the seat for switched power. I have relays set up to make them do some tricks. When the bike is keyed on...
  9. vzhq16

    fog/spot combo fork light source

    I put these on my previous FJR and liked them so much I put a set on my current FJR. They're really small, have a rectangular beam pattern and the white beam does aim higher than the amber. They're very small but throw out a lot of light so I have them aimed pretty low with the amber on all...
  10. vzhq16

    INNOVV ThirdEYE BSD system

    That looks awesome! Nicely done sir.
  11. vzhq16

    Carbon Fiber Luggage Rack

    That Givi/carbon fiber combo looks excellent! I wonder how much weight that will bear? I'm looking for a way to create some kind of dog carrier so the pooch can ride with me. The problem is she's about 50lbs and I'm afraid that much weight would over-tax the rear sub-frame. Has anyone heard of...
  12. vzhq16

    New Member from Traverse City, MI

    Welcome to this loverly bunch'o coconuts! I'm in Indiana these days but my sons and my ex are still in the Southeast part of Michigan. My niece and nephew own property in the Boyne/Traverse area. Beautiful part of the state. Having owned both a 2008 A and a 2016 ES I can say I prefer the...
  13. vzhq16

    I Bought Another One!

    Congratulations! Cobalt Blue is the best color.
  14. vzhq16

    Seals for Timken or other tapered roller steering head bearings?

    Believe what you will and ride safe!
  15. vzhq16

    Gen 4 Hi/Lo beam circuitry

    Absolutely. It is truly plug-n-play.
  16. vzhq16

    Seals for Timken or other tapered roller steering head bearings?

    Dynamic balancing will take into account any off-center weight distribution in more than one plane. You can actually get really close with static balancing if you place the weights either down the centerline of the rim or distribute the weights on either side of the rim evenly. Checking it...
  17. vzhq16

    Fueling Issue Poll

    Before throwing more parts at the problem, due diligence might save you some $$ as well as time. Making sure the idle speed is set correctly, looking for clogged MAF sensor hose, kinked vent line (pretty common), and a TPS that is properly set. If you replace the TPS, using an OBDII reader...
  18. vzhq16

    Gen 4 Hi/Lo beam circuitry

    I did something similar with my aux lights. Mine are switchbacks so I have them set up to come on yellow when the low beams are on and flip to white when I turn on the high beams. I used the high beam adapter from Clearwater lighting. It's plug-n-play and was only $15 when I got mine.
  19. vzhq16

    Rotor bobbins still a little tight after cleaning

    Much appreciated! I know what I'm going to be doing after work tonight.
  20. vzhq16

    Rotor bobbins still a little tight after cleaning

    Wow! I'm actually seeing a discussion that is like none that I've seen before! I am really intrigued by this "procedure". What would prompt one to clean the bobbins? Is there a symptom that presents if they are in need of cleaning? The reason I ask is because I have an odd chatter from the...