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  1. danh600

    PR4-GT vs. PR5?

    While it generally is riding style. There is also a differences regionally in road surfaces. For example Arkansas chip seal is notorious for eating up tires. In Florida we have that smooth black top in most places. With few curves and smooth surfaces even if I rode hard I would not kill a set of...
  2. danh600

    EOM 2018 - Maggie Valley, NC - September 20-23, 2018

    Hopefully that is not just a Florida thing. Seems like Hurricanes bring moisture, but also seem to take it with them. At least the airborne variety. Often very beautiful days right after a Hurricane. I remember one late in the season several years ago were we actually had a cold front drop...
  3. danh600

    New Key Made?

    Had my FJR at the dealer a few years back. I think when I dropped it off for a valve check. Told them to get me an extra key. $20!!!! for an uncut key blank. Always ask price first! Luckily my local hardware store cut it for a couple bucks.
  4. danh600

    Yamaha sucks

    You know the announcers keep talking about what a disastrous year Yamaha is having. Well they still have the 2nd, 5th and 7th place in the Championship standing. 2015 was a great year, 2016 and 2017 were similar to 2018 standings wise.
  5. danh600

    Yamaha sucks

    I like seeing Marc get beat to make things interesting. Like his riding style or not at least Marc has some personality. Jorge is like a dead fish.
  6. danh600

    The stock seat

    Out of all the bikes I have owned the FJR stock seat was the best. Now that is a relative term. I did like the material on the top of the seat. I did however replace it with a Corbin. Now my Honda cruiser that bike had a terrible seat from the factory. I swear it's vinyl with about .000005...
  7. danh600

    Harley Sport Tourer

    I would love to have an "American" bike. They are getting closer to tipping me over. I am sure a Yamaha MT-09 is more bike for less money, but damn these two are tempting.
  8. danh600

    The Dunlop Roadsmart III compared to Michelin PR2/PR4GT Dilemma

    Since using up the OEM tires I have only had PR4s on my FJR. I have run the GT and the non-GT version. I get better mileage out of the GT, but can't tell the difference in performance. I want to try a set of Metzelers but will wait till after my "long trip riding season" which is late summer and...
  9. danh600

    10 Best Motorcycles for long distance riding - WTF do they know?

    Yamaha didn't get the check in the mail in time.
  10. danh600

    Horrendous Crash in MOTOGP Practice

    That is coming off a long fast straight 200+mph. They think as he came over the crest he pulled the brake to scrub off speed. Cause the bike was unweighted coming over the crest it grabbed when the bike settled. Of course he doesn't remember. Amazingly we was walking around on Sunday. Worse...
  11. danh600

    Pretty upset ...

    First time I dropped my FJR I jumped around and cussed like a sailor. I almost threw my Shoei helmet. Recovered enough to throw my gloves instead. Was really pissed off. Second time I dropped my FJR I picked it up and continued the ride.
  12. danh600

    2Bros M2 Black Series Carbon Slip-Ons

    I have a set of these on my 13. They sound great, look great and hold up well. Easy to install. No other mods needed. I know everywhere is different but I have never had an LEO give me a second look. FJRs even with after market exhaust just aren't that loud on idle or slow take off. It's not...
  13. danh600

    Florida Riders RTE Before the Heat Kicks In

    I tend to be terrible with names. Which makes it great on a forum cause you have to remember real names and screen names. To put names with faces. I am on the far right. Real name like the screen name - Dan. Anybody else that is not in witness protection or who doesn't have outstanding...
  14. danh600

    Florida Riders RTE Before the Heat Kicks In

    Good to see you guys again. These ride to eats are nice. The restaurant was great. Great view, good service and good food. I would do that again!
  15. danh600

    Smuggler Fit & Finish

    The smuggler is a nice convenience. I especially like it for day rides. But if you are a top box guy that would serve the same purpose. I just hate top boxes and will not have one. So a smuggler it is. I actually take the smuggler off for long trip. I find a dry bag with rok straps works much...
  16. danh600

    Smuggler Fit & Finish

    My corbin seat took about an hour of pushing, pulling, sweating, cussing and banging to get on. Luckily it breaks in quick and now comes right on and off. The smuggler went right on, but rubs the hand rail. It also does not match color wise. Plus the door was way out of adjustment. Other than...
  17. danh600

    Florida Riders RTE Before the Heat Kicks In

    I plan on being there. I posted it on the FJRiders forum.
  18. danh600

    Florida Riders RTE Before the Heat Kicks In

    What Tony said about fall and spring. I ride year round, but June - Sept can be a challenge. I normally like to get on the road at day break and be done by around noon. The problem in the afternoons is it's just plain hot the sun is beating down, plus you have road heat coming up. Then not to...
  19. danh600

    Florida Riders RTE Before the Heat Kicks In

    I will have to try to make this one. I miss our RTEs.