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  1. tschutter

    Does anyone ride between 6-7k rpm's?

    I've been taught to run the RPMs higher when doing Twisties, maybe 6-7k. The thought here is if you need to drop your speed, you can do so by throttling down. If you apply brakes, it stands the bike upright which you don't want in a turn. Other than that, if I'm on a 55 mph road, doing 60ish, I...
  2. tschutter

    new member

    Is that a line from an 90s song? Seems like I remember it (sort of).
  3. tschutter

    Thanks for the add! FNG from Tulsa OK

    Welcome Jim from Grand Rapids MI
  4. tschutter

    I Bought Another One!

    Beautiful Bike. I notice one flaw... Not enough miles on it. Ha.
  5. tschutter

    New Member from Traverse City, MI

    Welcome to the forum from GR MI. Good luck deciding on your FJR.
  6. tschutter

    FJR owner here

    Welcome to the forum. For what it's worth, my 07 is about to turn 40k miles. Located near Grand Rapids MI. Minus the lake, we're only 150 miles apart. Hope to meet in person some day.
  7. tschutter

    New to FJR forum

    Welcome to the forum @farmboy73 . Glad to have you along.
  8. tschutter

    Hi there, I need help and am new

    You're in the right place to get help. Stress does complicate things and all of us have been where you are (maybe not the exact circumstances). Take a breath, then explain exactly what's going on, check back often, and help will be right at your finger tips. Good luck.
  9. tschutter

    New ‘24 FJR owner

    Congrats from W MI. I'm thinking 'Oh Baby!' Have fun.
  10. tschutter

    Going to See the Eclipse?

    I'm headed to Fremont OH. Let me know if you are in, or plan to be in that area.
  11. tschutter

    New Member - North Carolina

    Welcome from MI. NC seems like a great place to ride. MI is pretty but a little flat (or non-twisty). Welcome.
  12. tschutter

    Motorcycle For Sale 2007 Yamaha FJR1300A for Sale

    Looks like a great bike. Sorry about your injury. Bummer not being able to ride. I have a soft spot for the 07 because I already have one. Wish I had the $ for another. No luck there. I bought mine with 15k miles a few years back for $5k. I don't know if that price is god, bad. or...
  13. tschutter

    New guy Florida

    Welcome Biker Trash. I wish I were in Florida, starting to get a little cool here in MI. Have a great ride.
  14. tschutter

    2007 waits until water pump failure doesn't create a disaster

    Close call. You must be 'living right'.
  15. tschutter

    Fjr forum newbie

    Welcome, glad you found us. Maybe you'll be enlightening us about g1 mods/fixes...
  16. tschutter

    New Member JSFJR

    Welcome to the Forum. Lots of info and many generous people.
  17. tschutter

    Your not lost if you still have gas.

    Welcome from western Michigan.
  18. tschutter

    Motorcycle For Sale 2022 FJR

    Interested parties will want to know the location of the bike.
  19. tschutter

    Greetings from BC

    Welcome to the Forum.
  20. tschutter

    Motorcycle For Sale 2015 Yamaha FJR1300ES

    Mighty nice looking bike. And the trunk - don't always see that. Good luck selling.