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  1. McRide

    Gen 3 dash - Last Call

    Great for the GPS, with duo-loc remote Heat Troller and Radar. Much better field of view for the GPS than on handlebars or center stem mount.. That's switched power for the phone lying on the tank. I use the ramball as a coat hanger.
  2. McRide

    Clutch Soak & Canyon Cages

    All tools were set and ready to go for a clutch soak, and I thought <let's just have more more look for something obvious>... lol, found it... I never installed the brass clutch lever bushing when changed out to Pazzo's a few years ago. Quick ride today and all is back to normal.
  3. McRide

    Clutch Soak & Canyon Cages

    Have them... and will follow your procedure, thanks
  4. McRide

    Clutch Soak & Canyon Cages

    The Clutch Plates need some TLC but, as I was having a quick <getting up the nerve> glance at the bike, it was clear that the Canyon Cage is likely in the way. Before I add the extra work of removing the Cage, I thought perhaps someone has removed the Clutch Cover Plate through those tight...
  5. McRide

    FJR1300 Model Comparison Matrix

    Thanks Matt... I appreciate the tech timeline you've assembled... goes in the folder. Seems like a good day for an oil change.
  6. McRide

    I rode my new FJR home from the dealer today - Clunk/rattle!/lower fairing issue?

    Looking from under, where the L and R Fairings fronts come together at a point, you should see one or two screws. Those attach the bottoms of the fairings via a concealed molded plastic tab...
  7. McRide

    Wiring for Trickle Charger and Auxiliary Power

    12" SAE, and bring it down from the battery, tucked behind the side fairing and it will simply pull out from one of the molded vent openings for easy access.
  8. McRide

    West Coast Gathering (WCG) - June 15-18, 2023, Fort Bragg, CA

    Regrets... plans have changed. Will be riding to grandkids in Montana the following week and just can't add another 1,300 mile leg. Cancelled room available as of tonight.
  9. McRide

    Parts Wanted Sena SR10 needed for Radar

    Looking to get another SR10... I went to install mine, then realized I left it on the '04 when sold a few years ago, dang. In my defense, it was hardwired under the seat, so there's that, lol.... I know from experience the Escort will pair direct with the Sena 20, but Escort also requires that...
  10. McRide

    Stuck on Rear ABS Bleed Procedure

    Found OEM Bleeders on Partshark, here in a few days. Had the same thoughts on the SB Check Valve vs Vacuum Air Pressure, likely not going to move the ball bearing. I'll try again soon and post results, thanks every one, Cheers!
  11. McRide

    Stuck on Rear ABS Bleed Procedure

    So... I was going to change out the Speed Bleeders to factory, but no one has them. Sitting in Japan. I picked some generic 7mm/1.0 but have decided to stay with SB for now. Front wheel is done and I'm on the front right lower, linked to rear. It's cracked open 1/4 to 1/2 turn and on the...
  12. McRide

    Stuck on Rear ABS Bleed Procedure

    Thanks, yes, the SB are ...meh... They are new to me, seemed like a good shortcut but perhaps too finicky for me. I'll do the front link, then the rear and keep an eye on the REAR resvr. Duh.
  13. McRide

    Stuck on Rear ABS Bleed Procedure

    Most helpful, thanks.... is the linked front-rear fed from the Handlebar Resvr or the Rear Resvr?
  14. McRide

    Stuck on Rear ABS Bleed Procedure

    Doing a Front and Rear Brake Bleed.... Done many times but, this time, I let the rear Reservoir go to zero and air got in. Maybe deep, and refilled. I have the rear speed bleeder cracked open and under about 25psi vacuum and I have the rear pedal tied down to full brake. Nothing is moving out. I...
  15. McRide

    Thousand mile day.

    1) Can anyone do it?... Yes, many have. To get your IBA # you need to 1st complete a SS1000. I'm #45,137... and that was in 2010. Not sure where the numbers are now, but way, way more than that. 2) Vanity or in the DNA? After you've been riding for 20 or 30 years, the challenges become apparent...
  16. McRide

    Not a "Reuben Run" but "The Last Hurrah" - Labor Day Weekend 1-5 September 2022

    Thought I had cancelled my room sometime ago, but it was cancelled just now... room likley available.
  17. McRide

    CFR2023 location poll

    the 'Eh Team'...
  18. McRide

    2022 CFR Nakusp

    Sorry to hear that Bob. Your efforts on the Rally are well and truly apppreciated.