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  1. BigOgre

    Smokers (BBQ - not grilling)

    Dabbling a little, huh? Welcome aboard.
  2. BigOgre

    Tracer 9 GT as FJR Replacement?

    Can't say for exactly how long but I've noticed Yamaha has been referring to that platform as their favored sport-tourer for at least the last couple of years. Like you said, might not mean anything, but I've read into that as a signal the FJR was pointed into the sunset. Edit: Just realized...
  3. BigOgre

    RIP ionbeam - 10/7/23

    It's hard to sum up Alan in a post like this and if you've ever had the pleasure of spending any time with the man you'd understand. He was someone that wouldn't hesitate to engage you in a conversation and left you feeling like you had a new old friend. An intelligent man always willing to...
  4. BigOgre

    Dunlop Mutant

    Looks like you might have a chance to test that rain handling this weekend. Shouldn't washout the weekend though. Enjoy it all.
  5. BigOgre

    Dunlop Mutant

    Torch, I might have missed it but have you settled on any pressures yet?
  6. BigOgre

    Dunlop Mutant

    Selfishly the front doesn't concern me too much as I've got a new T32 on there in anticipation of a Michelin going on the rear. (Don't like their fronts.) And you've probably seen it already but in that thread Ross linked to the latest entry has a complaint about the rears wearing out quickly...
  7. BigOgre

    Dunlop Mutant

    I'll be ordering a rear in the next week or two, still between this and an R5. Keep the thoughts coming please.
  8. BigOgre

    Left fairing removal advice

    Slide a small flat screwdriver or similar blade under the screw head and gently pry upwards. While maintaining pressure there turn the screw out. If no luck try what Ross said about going underneath.
  9. BigOgre

    TIRES?? What tires are everyone running on their FJR?

    I might be reading into this but it sounds like the R6 upgrades the front tire over the R5. Could that mean that the rear R6 hasn't changed (much?) from the rear R5? In your research did you come across anything to back that up? I've given up on their front tires but do like the rears...
  10. BigOgre


    The toilet seat comes included with the SR357. I flushed that and added one of their other adapter plates which is more functional and better looking IMHO. An extra cost, yes, but I like it.
  11. BigOgre

    Rear tire leak

    I might have missed it but have you ridden the bike since this all started? Sometimes a good heat cycle will be enough to seal the rubber to the rim. Have had it happen to me (slow leak after a change, wheel cleaned and prepped well) and have heard of similar experiences from others.
  12. BigOgre

    New FJR rider as of today

    What did we all do before videos? Try here for some insight (get it?) and also some old-time Forum flavor. BTW, the rear brake is a thing with the FJRs. Ross gave a good summary but it can still be a fight getting a regular firm pedal. Bleed and clean is regular maintenance although I only...
  13. BigOgre

    Drive train "crashing" when engaged on a cold engine

    Just me but unless you have barrels of oil laying around I wouldn't waste my money changing it so soon. Ride it out for awhile and do your regular change when due where you can then play around with a different brand/weight. That's also taking into account your outside temps in your part of...
  14. BigOgre

    Brakes failed

    Your bike, your comfort zone, but I'd find a new shop.
  15. BigOgre

    "Jumping" FJR

    Only one question just so there's no confusion: Did you have all that work done in order to solve the "jumping" problem or did the problem come about after the work was done?
  16. BigOgre

    Anybody got a FJR Crystal Ball

    Those FJRs are between 15 and 20 years old. Yes, you're going to come across maintenance issues but they are just that - maintenance. If you're able to turn a wrench and don't detest working on your bike it's hard to think of something that would turn either into a "potential project"...
  17. BigOgre

    Brakes failed

    What do the pads look like? Also curious if the bike lives outside?
  18. BigOgre

    FJR Forum Decal design

    I directly asked what the intent was of these quite a ways back but didn't get a response. But I did see a sort of answer a few days ago which sort of answers your question about buying them.
  19. BigOgre

    RAT 48 Insanity Gold

    Yeah but ya look a little different. Can't quite put my finger on it.