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  1. lele

    Handlebar shake

    flywheel rotation on the left side of the bike on a certain speed..
  2. lele

    Ignition coils failed

    did he replace also the plugs? before spend money replacing the coils personally I replace the plugs..
  3. lele

    Adjusting throttle position sensor

    Why do you need adjust tps?
  4. lele

    Gen I compared to Gen III

    The '03 is fully made in Japan... That is all
  5. lele

    What did you do to your FJR today?

    Change the transmission oil with 75/90 GL5...don't know if it is the good grade for yamaha rear hub
  6. lele

    Split: Engine temp affected by radiator guard-screen?

    Having a radiator guard-screen do increase engine temp. ?
  7. lele

    What did you do to your FJR today?

    Cleaned front brake master cylinder...remove the seeger that keep the piston is very hard
  8. lele

    Powder coat wheels

    How much does it cost in general to have both wheels powdercoated? Mine are full of scratches...
  9. lele

    cylinder head bolts

    yes infact honda bolts cost 2.5 Euro each Yamaha 13.50 each one!!!
  10. lele

    cylinder head bolts

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="eflyguy" data-cid="1363807" data-time="1493719094"><p> They may look perfect but if they were used, they must be replaced.<br /> <br /> Of course, you could always try them. How hard would it be to replace them if the...
  11. lele

    cylinder head bolts

    Sorry guys my ignorance..I ask this because I bought a used cylinder head that comes with original bolts and they seems perfect..
  12. lele

    cylinder head bolts

    Thank you Ross.
  13. lele

    cylinder head bolts

    I'm not a troll. This section is techical discussion? Can I ask something?
  14. lele

    cylinder head bolts

    Ok understand fucking steel how is possible they stretch?
  15. lele

    cylinder head bolts

    Why service manual say they must be replaced with newers if u miss the correct torque?or in a engine head install?
  16. lele

    Remove the ABS System - Can it be done?

    I think abs module on motorbikes must be only present on the rear wheel...
  17. lele

    too tight valves clearance

    I was joking... I remember on that check re-shim I found the last one exhaust valve on the cylinder 4 need a shim under the bucket of 1.50 mm. All others shims (both exhaust and intake) did range from 1.70 to 1.80 mm did someone have notice only one single valve a lot more tight than the...
  18. lele

    2005 vs 2016 aftermarket parts

    I think only the rear caliper-rotor
  19. lele

    too tight valves clearance

    Now my clearance is too it possible to add some material on the shims?