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    Valve check/Valve adjustment in Dallas-Ft. Worth

    One needs to be very careful using the feeler gauges. One or two of the FJR valves are a bit difficult to access with the feelers. If you don't have the gauge perfectly flat on the lifter you may believe that the clearance is tight when actually it's fine -- the feeler may be slightly...
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    Infamous Code 19 trouble

    You can check the side stand switch circuit by disconnecting the clutch switch two wire connector at the handlebar. The blue/yellow wire will be grounded when the side stand is up and be an open circuit when down. Make sure you're not in neutral when checking the side stand switch. The...
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    2004 FJR1300 fuel filter...?

    The bottom portion is the inlet strainer. The filter is located higher, near the top in the pump assembly.
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    2013 FJR Missing Cover

    Thanks. Maybe the previous owner agreed with you.
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    2013 FJR Missing Cover

    Bought this bike this past November. The missing cover is a plastic cover which mounts on the outside of the airbox duct. Part 41 on this drawing. The air duct is Part 11 on the following drawing...
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    Fault Code 12

    When you press the start pushbutton the ECU is alerted assuming that the starting requirements are satisfied -- transmission in neutral, clutch disengaged, side stand raised. The ECU expects feedback from the crankshaft position sensor, the cylinder identification sensor, and the intake air...
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    Sold Russell Day-Long Saddle

    Saddle has been sold and shipped.
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    Sold Russell Day-Long Saddle

    This saddle came with a 3rd Gen FJR I recently bought. The previous owner bought the bike new and had the OE seats modified. He and his wife enjoyed the seats, however I soon discovered that I'm not a good match for the rider seat. The seats are in very good condition. He took good care of...
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    Motorcycle For Sale 2013 FJR1300A Indiana -Sold

    Should the ABS hydraulic unit be a concern for this older bike? I've seen reports that some of the older FJR's (2004+) have had hydraulic unit failures due to corrosion, etc. May be one of the highest precision components on the bike. Is this a bike which has the 80 mph limit on the cruise...
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    Throttle Valve Cleaning

    My throttle valves and throttle bodies are a bit dirty with oily grime. I have removed the air filter case and have good access to the throttle body inlets. What's the best procedure for removing the grime from the throttle bodies?
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    Speedo, Odos stopped working

    I'm the original owner. Bought the bike new in 2003. The speed sensor circuit has never been touched. I believe the AE models included this sensor but I'm not sure about the other 2006 and later models. 99K miles and 19 years.
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    Speedo, Odos stopped working

    Was riding my 2004 non-abs FJR today and the speedo and trip meters stopped working. Speedo showed 0 mph and trip meters stopped updating. Tach, coolant temp, fuel gauge, etc. continued to work ok. Bike ran fine. The amber "engine trouble" warning light came on. At "key on" the speedo...
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    Testing cam chain tensioner before installation

    I installed a green dot tensioner successfully.  I noticed that the long screwdriver I had been using for the old tensioner didn't work in the new tensioner very well.  A smaller diameter screwdriver worked fine in the new tensioner.  The new tensioner won't lock in the retracted position.  When...
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    Testing cam chain tensioner before installation

    Will be replacing the OE tensioner on my '04 FJR.  Should I remove the locking tab from the new tensioner and check its operation before installing on bike?
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    KrZy8 Engine Autopsy results - first FJR cylinder failure?

    Canister isn't connected to the air intake box. Vacuum lines from throttle bodies 1 and 4 are teed together and the tee's third hose connects to the canister. Any foreign object would have to be quite small to pass through the vacuum lines and hose connections on the throttle bodies. But...
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    Carefull w/ oil drain bolts

    Same bolt and washer is used on the final drive -- the oil fill bolt. Specified torque at that location is 17 lb-ft. Maybe the engine sump is made of tougher or thicker aluminum. If you use a new crush washer each time you could compare the thickness of a new washer with a used (crushed)...
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    Gas Cap Modification

    I disassembled my gas cap to reduce friction during key operation. I followed Fred's commentary and photos. I disagree with Fred a bit about some of his comments. I believe the hole in the bottom of the latch assembly is likely a drain for gas which sloshes up into the mechanism. Gas fumes...
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    Oil Filter Anti-Drain Back Valve

    This is about one of my cars. The filter is mounted vertically with the threaded end up. On a forum about the car many like to comment about their oil filters just as many do on this forum. They seem to be very concerned about anti-drain valves and their material of construction. I wondered...
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    Oil Filter Anti-Drain Back Valve

    If the filter is mounted vertically with the threaded end oriented up is this valve important? I would assume the filter would remain full with no anti-drain back valve. Is the valve trying to stop back flow from all the oil passages on the outlet of the filter? What happens if you drain the...