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    Hi all, new from Oregon

    I too recognize the 2nd floor of the Beaverton Motorcycles & Powersports dealership. It's worth an occasional visit just to look at the vast collection of vintage motorcycles Bob Lanphere gathered over the years. Oh yeah, welcome to the forum, Decker.
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    New Member - 2013 FJR1300

    Best Color!! Welcome.
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    New Owner - Wild first ride!

    Took me a second to see what was wrong in the photo and then I was at a loss for words. Absolutely unbelievable.
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    New Member from Traverse City, MI

    Traverse City, MI....that brings back memories of being a 5th grader with a broken leg, courtesy of the icy Boyne Highlands ski resort, and how loud I yelled when the Dr. set it. Good Times. I haven't ridden the 6-speed yet but I think the 5-speed is the better of the two. Yamaha did a recall...
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    New member

    Beautiful photo. Welcome.
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    New member from Quebec.

    Tell us about your bike.
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    General consensus - Should I rebuild calipers on 2013 A at 24k miles?

    I'd be shocked if the caliper needed rebuilding. Maybe needed if the old fluid was really bad or if there was fluid weeping around the seals. Cycling the ABS system is simple; you can do it for sure. If you are brave, find a gravel road and dynamite the brakes, you'll know quickly if the system...
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    Hello from Colorado

    I think the ST1300 is under appreciated and it's too bad Honda left the traditional Sport Touring market. When I bought my 2013 FJR there was a brand new ST1300 that the dealer wanted only $10K for and I admit I was tempted. I was worried about losing fairing coverage compared to my 1000cc...
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    New front tyre🇬🇧

    Love new tires!!
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    I’m new here.

    If memory serves, Yamaha addressed the heat issues in the 2006 model year. I think the Gen III/IV (2013 and newer) fairing design contributes to smoother/quieter airflow around the rider. I'm north of 6'3" ,use the stock windscreen and enjoy riding with the windscreen all the way down vs...
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    I’m new here.

    If you ask me (and you didn't....:)) the sweet spot in the FJR model years are 2014 & 2015 and since they are ~10 years old, there should be some excellent deals out there. My reasons are they have the 5 speed transmission and cruise control. Guys who have the 6 speed (2016 and newer) like them...
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    New member Baton Rouge, LA

    Nice. One of the best colors ever on the FJR.
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    Another New Member

    Welcome, and good luck on your hunt for an FJR. On a heavy bike like the FJR I'm inclined to not bang into 2nd gear with maximum enthusiasm. I'm not saying the FJR has a weakness there but riding it like it's being drag raced has to be stressful on everything so I just don't do it.
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    New Member

    Welcome from Oregon. Have you tried a good fistful of throttle in sport mode yet? If not, you'll like your FJR even more after that. :)
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    1K Miles - An honest review !

    I had two Kawasaki ZG1000 Concours machines spanning 19 years and I really enjoyed them, but the FJR is just light years ahead of those 1980's tech Kawasakis. I'm not putting the Kawasakis down because they were a fantastic bargain and really quite good. About the only thing I miss about them is...
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    To lean or counter-lean, that is the question...

    Many years ago I took the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Beginners course because a police officer recommended I do so while we were chatting on the side of the road. It was either that or a receive an expensive performance award. I learned about the counter steer/lean with the bike method. Want...
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    Hello from the Monterey Coast

    I'd recommend looking for 2014 & 2015 year models.
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    Good day from Port Hueneme

    Hi; Welcome. What's your history with the FJR?