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    Parts For Sale 2009 Yamaha FJR Parts For Sale

    Dan, my mechanic says he can probably come up with a starter motor. So I’m going to try that route and hopefully avoid the shipping hassle and expense. Thanks!
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    Parts For Sale 2009 Yamaha FJR Parts For Sale

    I’ve used PirateShip for cost-effective sending and receiving FJR parts. With weight and package dimensions (and your ZIP code; mine is 60625) I can use their online calculator to estimate costs — or you can. I sent front and rear RDL seats to CA for $35. You can take this convo offline; I’m at...
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    Parts For Sale 2009 Yamaha FJR Parts For Sale

    I’m looking for a Gen. 2 starter motor. If you have one off your parts bike, kindly LMK mileage and price. Thanks!
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    Motorcycle For Sale 2007 Yamaha FRJ 1300 Meticulously maintained! $3900

    It’s been a while, but wondering if you still have this 2007 FJR available for sale? Looks good to me…
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    Anyone use tank bags?

    What is the manufacturer name and model number, please? Also a recommended vendor if you have one. Thanks!
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    Givi 58 Top Box

    No issues with an OEM top case over 140,000 miles; rarely removed it whether commuting or traveling cross-country. Now have 17,000 miles with a Givi 50L on board 95% of the time, and again no issues with buffeting, balance or anything else. Passenger or some camping gear on the pillion doesn’t...
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    Parts For Sale Air Hawk seat pad

    Dual sport/Sport touring model (11.5” deep, 11” wide), fits FJR precisely. Brand new, used only once — just not a good match with my rear end’s “ergonomics.” Many folks swear by Air Hawk seat pads. $100-$120 retail, yours for $85 shipping included.
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    Shopping for Seats

    I’ve had Russell Day Long saddles on three bikes and loved every one. Wish they were less expensive, but amortized over 140,000 miles on the 2005 FJR alone, it comes out to pennies per mile for superb long-distance comfort. They’re not called “day long” seats for no reason!
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    Oil change; should I, or should've I?

    Change the oil now if you want to throw your money away. That slightly used oil isn’t going to harm your bike in any way!
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    Parts For Sale 2018 FJR 1300 Top Storage Box - $100

    Sad to say, there are trolls and scammers on this site frequently. I learned a painful lesson by paying a thief $295 for an FJR top case that was never shipped (and probably never even existed). One tip-off is a price too good to be real, another is when the seller has no credible history on...
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    Another long journey

    This summer, three days after my 74th BD, I left on a 4000 mile, five week excursion on my 2006 FJR. It quickly turned into an eventual 6,066 mile trip when I realized that a 1000 mile “detour” would allow me to spend two days with my new granddaughter in New Orleans. 100% “worth it,” despite...
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    Seat options

    True enough, but the marginal cost of designing an acceptably comfortable seat for a $20,000 motorcycle is insignificant! What is the cost of a decent seat vs. the cost of adding a sixth gear to the transmission? Next to nothing!
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    Seat options

    I don’t understand AT ALL how Yamaha can design such a fabulous bike for long distance riding yet put a seat on it that’s the equivalent of a 2 x 6 board. Do they really care so little about customer satisfaction?
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    Seat options

    All day long, my first choice is Russell Day Long saddle — same seat as favored by IBA winners. When my FJR was stolen last year, the RDL seat with 130,000 comfortable miles under it was gone too!
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    Parts Wanted Stiffy, Brodie ground kit, left side luggage rear

    I have a silver left side pannier (non-color matched to my blue 2006) that I hope to be re-selling for the $150 I paid for it — IF the opportunity to buy a blue LH bag comes through. I’m working on it! LMK if you want to raise your hand for the silver one, if/when available.
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    Parts For Sale SOLD New Saddlebag liners

    Are saddlebags interchangeable across all generations? Will a 2013 pannier fit on a 2006?
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    Parts Wanted WTB left side pannier

    Help! The left side case was shaken off my Gen 2, despite being properly secured. Bounced down the highway, then run over by car behind me. ISO of a replacement:2006 blue if possible, but matching color not essential. Thanks!
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    Parts Wanted ISO/WTB left side case

    The LH side case on my 2006 was bucked off on a stretch of terrible highway, then destroyed by the car behind me. Ouch!! Need a replacement for an upcoming 30-day, 7500 mile trip. Can you help?
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    Sold Russell day long seat

    I'm very interested since my "personalized" RDL was stolen along with my bike. It would be helpful to chat on the phone for a few minutes if you'd be kind enough to call me (216-777-0708, CDT). Thanks, Bruce
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    Seat removal without a key

    It's rather a long story, but I do not have a key. The bike was stolen four months ago, the police assured me I'd never see it again if it wasn't recovered within 72 hours. In the meanwhile I sold the two panniers (which were off the bike when stolen) for $50 each (with my two keys), and then...