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  1. natehawk750

    Nate's first IBA Ride.

    Back in September of 2021 I attended the Ride around Texas event put on By Tim Masterson and the IBA. In talking to Tim we were discussing a new ride series that he's been working on putting together called the Ride Around series. Like the RAT he would like to document rides around the perimeter...
  2. natehawk750

    Natchez Trace 1000

    I successfully completed this ride Saturday. Here is what I have calculated so far while sifting through the paperwork process. Off trace miles: 6.1 Total trace miles 1049.6 Total time 21:52:30 I'll be figuring out fuel cost and mpg soon.
  3. natehawk750

    Natchez Trace 1000

    I just added the spowalla link to the original post. I'll be starting out tomorrow night around 10-11pm. Hope you enjoy following along enjoy.
  4. natehawk750

    Gas Cap Ball Ectomy

    Hey thanks guys! I guess I could've made a post. I generally try a go directly to the source if I can't find something via a thorough search.
  5. natehawk750

    Natchez Trace 1000

    I'll try to get one up in the next day or so.
  6. natehawk750

    Natchez Trace 1000

    The bike is a 2007 yamaha xt225. Over the winter I've outfitted/ purpose built the bike just for this ride. I must say that most everything was built with things I've just collected or had laying around or have fabricated. Mods include: Windscreen/ fly screen from a zrx1200 that just happend...
  7. natehawk750

    Natchez Trace 1000

    Yes fuel is the tricky part keeping  them close to the Trace.
  8. natehawk750

    Natchez Trace 1000

    Back in November I got bored and the thought of doing a small displacement SS1K popped in my head. I couldn't shake it as it was very intriguing to me. Then while out in my garage I looked over and had an AhHa moment. There before me sat my wife's 2007 XT225... perfect!So I have an available...
  9. natehawk750

    Aux tank wanted.

    Typo all fixed. My bad.
  10. natehawk750

    Aux tank wanted.

    There's a gent on the IBA forums looking for a Maple Farkels style aux tank for his gen 3 FJR. He's running in the up coming IBR and some smaller rallies leading up to the Big Dance. Anyone have any leads out on one for Sale that I could pass along to him?
  11. natehawk750

    Alex light brackets.

    I've been looking for a set of these above the mirror light brackets (Alex brackets)for about 2 years now. I've contacted real-time industries several times with no reply. Does anyone have an extra set floating around they'd be willing to part with? Don't suggest the under the mirror brackets...
  12. natehawk750

    2018 FJR AUX Tank Plumbing

    Just ran a BBG last week with this plumbing set up worked great! As far as the Gen1 I don't know. I'm assuming if the vent lines are the same then there wouldn't be any reason it wouldn't.
  13. natehawk750

    Saying Goodbye

    Able I've been wondering why you were selling now it makes sense. Good luck to ya. I agree maybe a silver wing, Bergman or a can am spider if none of those work for ya my wife and I have a miata and I'll tell ya it's the closest thing to riding a bike that has 4 wheels.
  14. natehawk750

    Ride planning/ Help needed

    Well Hell now in curious too! I've been dabbling with the Darkside for a few months now.  Hey Brodie what CT you running?
  15. natehawk750

    Fun on the Cabot Trail

    I need to go back there.
  16. natehawk750

    Garage Door Opener

    Bounce I will tell you this. You not only have to download the app, but the way mine works you have like 3 different passwords to get through to be able to use the app to open the garage door. 
  17. natehawk750

    Ride planning/ Help needed

    Good luck Tony!  I too think the car tire is the way to go for this ride. For IBA type riding where you're on the interstate blowing away the miles it's the way to go. By time you get to Sioux Falls for your start point you'll be comfortable with the CT.
  18. natehawk750

    Garage Door Opener

    If I tell you on the internet then it'll really won't be secure.