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    FJR Naked Street project

    I like it. The only thing I might change would be a smaller front fender or no fender. Thanks for sharing!
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    Bike keyed at work!

    Hate that you have to deal with this. Gerauld does great work.
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    1981 Honda CBX SuperSport followed me home...

    For me it was 1980. The loan guy at the bank was my dad's golfing buddy. He said dad told him not to loan me the money for that "Big Bike".. lol Loved my CB750F tho..
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    Rear Brake Soft, No ABS, Gen II, WTH?

    My 08 needs the rear brake bled if it's sits for more than a month. Been that way since I bought it. I have bled it in every way possible for 11 years and it doesn't matter. I've not held it in the air by the front wheel, but I've thought about it... Just bleed it again and ride..
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    Thanks for the reminder. There was an event called moonshine run,or something like that, that a forum member named Airboss promoted. I rode through rain for a cheeseburger. I met guys I hadn't seen since a NAFO in Colorado. Good times..
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    Happy Birthday Tax Baby

    Happy Birthday! You are one on my list of still hoping to meet in person. Hope you have a good one!
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    Valve check problem

    Just a random thought, you might check for a rodent nest in the airbox...
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    2008 FJR Sidestand Foot Broke Off!

    "The bike has a Soupy's lowering kit on it (lowered one inch as I ride it)," Someone shortened it that didn't know how to weld. Call around. You should be able to get it fixed for not much $.
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    An Alternate to Shoveling Snow

    Great as usual report Bill. And you look Fit! Your falling down incident reminded me of a comment I overheard someone telling you once. "It's painful to watch you walk, but put you on a bike and you are so smooth that it's a joy to watch." :)
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    Daughter needs a car

    Get something safe but cheap to get started.. New drivers bump in to stuff. I bought my daughter a better car before she went to college. (2012 4cyl. Ford Fusion) She's still driving it. It has been trouble free for well over 200,000 miles.
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    Damn Just damn

    Cancer sucks. Prayers for him, your family and his friends.
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    Bike out of storage, no brakes.

    My 08 hates to sit. No leaks and have bled many times, but still gets air somehow from lack of use. Rear only. Just bleed and I bet it'll be fine.
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    More Toys to Choose!

    I love it and wonder why it took them so long. I can't see me riding it anywhere I don't already go on my POS KLR tho...
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    F150 Engine recommendations Not sure if that explains it, but it does occur. My wife's Mini brought it to my attention. I'm wondering if turbo engines are more inclined to the problem? Answering the OP, I love my 5.0
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    Baja 2018 Ride Report!

    A picture is worth 1000 words... :) Thanks!
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    What's the Weather like where YOU are today?

    65 and starting and giving exercise to every bike that responds. Whew... Glad to have survived the winter of 18....
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    Old License Plates

    I've got your Florida, but it may be a bit before I can send it.
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    What's the Weather like where YOU are today?

    Right now at lunchtime, 37 feels wonderful. I think I'll eat my baloney sandwich outside to try to keep my tan. *edit* single digits in the last few days have been a problem...
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    4 wheels and 2 wheels

    A local group started to autocross again last year. Got my old C4 out of mothballs and drive my wife's Mini occasionally. Looking for a nice S2000 for next year. Having fun on the backroads on 4 wheels too. I've found I feel more comfortable with the extra protection, and I'm having just as...