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  1. Kaismo

    Sold Dowco WeatherAll cover

    Sorry for the delay in replying, but I was at COTA last weekend. It sold last week.
  2. Kaismo

    Sold Dowco WeatherAll cover

    I have a brand new, still in original carton Dowco WeatherAll cover in gray that is available for sale. I purchased it a few years ago and never ended up using it and I'm cleaning out my garage and sell off some stuff I don't have a need for anymore. This is a size large in Gray (used to be a...
  3. Kaismo

    15% Discount on Clearwater Lights for FJR Folks

    Can't say enough good things about Clearwater. I have the Darla's with the Erika/Krista hybrid setup and it's the next best thing to having the sun still out at night. I had a issue too and their customer service is outstanding. 
  4. Kaismo

    Big Bend Ride

    Better late than never, but Eurosport Cycle is putting on a 4 day ride from Fort Worth to BIg Bend NP and back to FW. The ride starts next Friday the 29th. I have done it before and it's a good time. You can find trip details at their website. Ride on. . .
  5. Kaismo

    SFO 2020 - The Tradition Continues

    On my list of things to do this year. 
  6. Kaismo


    Clearwater hybrids are a awesome option, but they are not inexpensive.  Getting older and riding at night sucks so I wanted the road ahead to look like the sun was still out. 🤓
  7. Kaismo

    SFO 2019 - Official Thread - October 24th thru 27th

    My abbreviated SFO adventure started with riding with Pants for 200 miles on Thursday. I knew the weather was going to turn ugly into the weekend and my original plan was to head back to Texas on Saturday. At lunch I decided to ride for another hour then head west when we reached Scooba. Planned...
  8. Kaismo

    SFO 2019 - Official Thread - October 24th thru 27th

    Looks like I will cancel out my trip again this year.  I have to fly to U.K. For work first thing Monday after SFO and I don't want to ride 700 miles on Sunday with any possible chance of any issues that would result in missing my flight. I will be there in spirit so have an awesome time. 
  9. Kaismo

    SFO 2019 - Official Thread - October 24th thru 27th

    Better late than never. Only missed last year due to my 30th wedding anniversary.
  10. Kaismo

    SFO 2019 - Official Thread - October 24th thru 27th

    Reserved my super plush accommodations at the Inn of Clanton today.
  11. Kaismo

    SFO 2019 - Your opinion ACTUALLY matters

    Coming out of my hibernation and I'm going to attend regardless of the day. My only possible excuse could be work related but I'm going to try to insure I don't have a conflict this year.
  12. Kaismo

    Customs Duty on M/C parts bought and shipped from overseas?

    Highlander reply is the correct one. I work for a U.K. based company and the duty threshold is $800 to ship into the U.S.
  13. Kaismo

    VStream Touring Windscreen in summer

    I have messed around with the windscreen since I purchased my bike. Didn't like the stock one since it's tiny and my first purchase was the NC 20309 which is the barn door version. Loved it for winter riding in Texas but in summer it sucked. Sold it and bought the Yamaha touring screen and...
  14. Kaismo

    SFO 2018 - September 27th-30th

    Hello Turk. I'm officially submitting my no RSVP to this years event. Love to make it 3 in a row but going on a cruise with the LOML to celebrate 30 years of marital bliss. Tell Jana howdy from Texas and enjoy the activities with the incoming hooligans.
  15. Kaismo

    SFO 2018 - ideas and input

    Great news and count me in unless I have a scheduling conflict.
  16. Kaismo

    What did you do to your FJR today?

    Loaded up bike and off for four days to Big Bend down south on Friday. Crappy weather but at least I'm riding.
  17. Kaismo

    What's the Weather like where YOU are today?

    30 degrees and raining in Fort Worth. Leaving tomorrow for 4 day ride to Big Bend at at least the temp will increase to 40 plus thunderstorms/rain but to hell with it, I'm riding.
  18. Kaismo

    SFO 2018 - ideas and input

    Sorry but been tied up with dealer shows. My vote would be AR for the great riding and its less miles from my home base. Then again I plan on returning again regardless of the location so if it's at Club Bandit I'm in unless I have to travel during this years dates.
  19. Kaismo

    National Cycle V-Stream N20309 Touring Windshield (Gen 3)

    I have a slightly used and in great condition N20309 windshield for sale. Had it bolted up for two overnight rides last winter before I stepped up and purchase heated gear. Dimensions are 23.25" tall and 20.5" wide. It does have a very small (pin head) horizontal scratch located near the top...